Osteoporosis Case Study Assignment

Osteoporosis Case Study Assignment Words: 317

You must cite all references you used in answering the questions! Four originality score from turning. Com must be 25% or below on the due date or you Nil receive a O on this assignment. You must cite all references you used in answering the questions.

Use PAP format for both your in text and full reference citations. Ere paper must be submitted through the Canvas site. Four 80 year old great aunt Evelyn was placing a canning Jar on the top shelf when she stepped awkwardly off of the stool and twisted her leg at the hip. After collapsing to the floor, she found that she could no longer stand. She was taken to the emergency room where X rays revealed that the neck of her femur was fractured.

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A bone scan revealed reduced bone mass in the head and neck regions of the injured femur, in other long bones of the body and in the vertebrae, suggestive of osteoporosis. Surgery was required to repair the femur, and a biopsy of the bone tissue revealed that the composition of the asteroid is normal. Healing of the fracture IS proceeding slowly. 1 . Identify and describe the cells and functions of the cells of bone tissue. 2. What age related changes occur in the activities of the bone cells identified in question #1 . 3.

What type of bone is found in the head of the femur? What type of bone predominates in the diapasons of the femur? 4. Compare and contrast the two types of bone you listed in answer to question number 3. 5. Which type of bone is primarily affected in osteoporosis? 5. The radiologist reported signs of osteoporosis. Describe the characteristics of an osteoporosis femur as seen on an X-ray. (How does it differ in appearance from a normal femur? ) 7. You are not sure whether your aunt has Page’s disease (sootiest deformations) or

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