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This is informing that this assignment on the stated topic has only been prepared for he partial fulfillment of the course requirement. Principles of Management It has not been prepared for any other purposes. Introduction: Man is for man, life is for life. Nothing is more pleasant than human beings. Illuminable, Allah Subhuman Tally has given me an opportunity to work in an institution under Social Welfare Ministry.

Our Organization’s name is Department of Social Services; it is one of the leading Government Department of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. There are many programs are on department of Social Services. Like Rural Social Services, Rural Mother Center, Urban Community Development, Acid Burn and Rehabilitation etc. Our organization is work for Urban Community Development programs. The Urban Community Development Program is the oldest program of the Department of Social Services, initially community based social work has started with this program.

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Just after British regime, in 1947, the country faced huge social problems especially in urban areas. A high degree of poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, limited resources, lack of employment opportunity were the common problems for the nation. To overcome these problems Social Service activities especially in urban areas which are a last shaped as the urban community development program. The community development program has gained wide appreciation from both private and government sector, because of its various programs like family planning, skill training and computer education.

I have been working as an Assistant Computer Teacher in this organization’s “Computer Training Center. ” Concepts: Our service is to provide services to the vulnerable groups of society. The poorest of the poor, the marginalia, widow and disadvantage group. Our service goes further than Just bringing services to this groups. It is our brief to deliver on our mandate in a manner that will engage and empower communities to participate actively in the improvement of their quality of life so as to build their self-reliance, which a prerequisite to sustainable development.

The Department of Social Services is working to ensure social protection and social safety nets for the poor vulnerable people of the country as well as socio-economic development, rehabilitation and reintegration, poverty reduction, human resources development, community employment and other development activities for the vulnerable and persons. The persons with disabilities, orphans, children at risk, destitute, widow, poor and helpless persons. Goal and Objectives of DES:

Department of Social Service’s Goal and Objectives are: Empowerment of communities, groups and individuals through their active participation in development programs for improved social functioning and quality of life. Development and implementation of integrated safety programs that address risks which are the result of unemployment, retirement, illness/disability, old age and health. Development and implementation of a comprehensive community development strategy focusing on healthy livelihoods, social inclusion, and improved nutritional and social status of individuals infected and affected by HIVES.

Organizational transformation and development for effective management, communication, planning, financial management, reporting and utilization of resources. Developing leadership and learning organization to capacitate personal for responsive and effective service delivery. Organization Structure: To achieve its organizational goals, the organization conducts its operations in accordance with the major policy guidelines laid down by: The management looks after the day-to-day operation of our organization. Organizational structure is given below: Programs of Department of Social Services:

The Programs of DES is given bellow: policies Of DES: 1 . Social Welfare Policy-2005. 2. Rules for Distribution of Old Age Allowance. 3. Rules for Distribution of Disable Allowance. 4. The Children Rules 1976. 5. Rules for Distribution of Capitation Grant. 6. National Disability Policy December 1995. 7. Acid Burn Policy. 8. Rural Social Service Policy-2011. About Urban Community Development Program (Which we work for) It is a arrears old program of our country. After British Regime, in 1947, the country faced huge social problems especially in urban areas.

A high degree of poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, limited resources, the great influx of refugees from India, lack of employment opportunity and social prejudice were the common problems for the nation. To overcome these problems social service activities especially in urban areas which is a last speed as the Urban Community Development program. Private and the government sector, because of its various program like family planning, skill training and computer education. This led to the birth of more urban community projects during 1959-60.

By the year 1982 a total of JDBC units were established in Bangladesh. Objectives of CUD Identify the problems and needs through survey and improve the environmental condition of the slum dwellers. Provide vocational training facilities and interest free micro-credit at the rate of 2000 to 5000 BET for self employment of the poor for the slum dwellers. Motivate the immigrant from village to go back to their paternal houses. Co-ordinate among the slum dwellers and the service oriented organizations. Build up local leadership and formation of project co-ordination council and initiate welfare program.

The total amount of seed money of these programs stand as TX 66. 8 million. The mount of cumulative fund has increased equivalent to TX. 1572 million through reinvestment and the number of beneficiaries is 91969 families. The Organizational Environment Of Urban Community Development Department of Social Services Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sapphire, Dinosaur Rickety W. Griffin illustrates the importance of the environment to an organization considering the analogy of a swimmer crossing a wide stream. The swimmer must assess the current, obstacles, and distance before setting out.

If these elements are properly evaluated, the swimmer will arrive at the expected point on the far bank of he stream. But if they are not properly understood, the swimmer might end up too far upstream or downstream. The organization is like a swimmer, and the environment is like the stream. Thus, Just as the swimmer needs to understand conditions in the water, the organization must understand the basic elements of its environment to properly maneuver among them. Organizational Environment can broadly classify into:- 1. External Environment and 2. Internal Environment 1 .

External environment: According to James Stoner, External environment can be defined as all elements outside an organization that are relevant to its operation. In the external environment include opportunities and treats of an organization. This environmental context becomes clearer if the external environment is further divided into two distinct segments: I. General environment, and I’. Task environment General Environment of our Organization: General environment consists of five dimensions: Economic Technological Socio-cultural Political-Legal and International. Bangladesh is a poor country and there are many poor people in our country.

That’s why every old man, the persons with disabilities, widow and helpless women not get enough economic help from our government. Government should increase these amount of help them. Figure-OLL Economic Dimension: The economic dimension is always important for any kind of organization. Our organization is a no business organization and obviously it is a non profitable. It is just a help to poor helpless people which provided by government fund. It is a very good Job by government and now government already started to give allowance to our honorable freedom fighters. But it should be increase more and more.

Every year a huge number of oldest people, widow women, persons with disabilities apply for allowance in our organization. But a few numbers of people get the opportunity. Other peoples are disappointed and go back to home. Our government should increase the fund immediately. But in our non government sector, Computer and Sewing Training Center, we have enough funds. There are 53 Computer Training Center and 47 Sewing Center in Bangladesh under Department of Social Service’s Urban Community Development Program. We have popularity for our better training and certificate value.

In every season (months) there are popup students apply for computer training, 300 students get opportunity for admission. Course fee for imputer training is ticket and for sewing training is ticket. The Technological Dimension: To continue the program of computer training people introduce with technology. They get opportunity t o know about digital world. But there are many problems in our computer lab. For more opportunity of students every computer lab should be local area network. In other side there is lack of website of every sector of our organization.

For communication and observation government should developed the technological side. It can publish its own network like other organization. The Socio cultural Dimension: The socio cultural dimension of the general environment includes the customs, mores, values and demographic characteristics of the society in which the organization functions. Socio cultural process is important because actually they are everything. We are always there to do follow the government order. And it is of course society’s well being. Our employees directly work with society poor helpless people.

Political Legal Dimension: To say about political legal dimension I can say that, Department of social services is truly a government service, and it is a non profitable department, so that our elation with government is always good. The political party, either government or opposition party are always with us, because it is a social services department and most important it is not profitable organization. The main theme of this department is work for poor helpless people. Sometimes some political leader wants to interfere to choose old age, widow and disability person, who are actually not appropriate for allowance.

But our honorable employee and officers try to protect these kinds of personalities. International Dimension: This kind of organization should be in all over the world. There are many developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Sardinia also try to increase their efficiency to help poor people of them. The developed country like England, Australia, India, Chine, Japan has enough fund to help old age and disable person. The Task Environment: Task environment is composed of the specific dimensions of any organization’s surrounding that are very likely to influence of the organization.

It consists of five dimensions: Competitors Customers Employees Strategic planners and Suppliers Competitors: Competitor means an organization that competes with other organization for recourses. Basically we have no competitor of our social service oriented organization, but in our computer training center we have some local competitors. Like Technical Training Center and Political Institute. But for our nice location and better communication and efficiency, we are the best I think. Our organization placed on the middle of Dinosaur town, so that everybody can communicate with us more easily.

Customers: The definition of customer is whoever pays money to acquire an organization’s products or services. Our organization’s main structure is totally different. We provide services to poor helpless people for government salary. So we have no customers. But in our computer and sewing training, we have customers. The students are our customers, they give some money to achieve some knowledge that we provide to them. In that case customers (students) are always with us; because now a day the course fee of our organization is lowers the other organization and our quality of teaching and certificate value are also good.

Suppliers: Suppliers are organizations that provide resources for other organization. Department of Social Services is a truly government organization, so that government fund is our main supply item. But government has no own money, mainly it is our country resources. We use some of them to help old age helpless people, disability person, widow helpless women and our honorable freedom fighters by government orders. We also have micro credit item with low interest money. Strategic Partner: Another dimension of the task environment is strategic partners.

Our organization is not dependent of any other organization. We Just depend on our authority. But there are many new firms, Nags and club came to us for registration. Sometimes we work with them. Somali Bank also work with us. Every 3 months our employee go to ann. for distributing allowance money to old age poor people, disable persons and helpless widow who are already listed. Figure-02 The Task Environment of Our Organization Regulators: Regulators are elements of the task environment that have the potential to control, legislate or otherwise influence an organization’s policies and practices.

Bangladesh Government is our regulatory authority and financial institute. The Internal Environment: Organization also has an internal environment that consists of their Owners, Board of Directors, Employees, Physical Work Environments and Cultures. Owners: People who can claim properly rights on an organization are called owners. Partners and Shareholders also called owners. The owner of our organization is the Government’s Ministry of Social Services. Our Honorable Minister and Honorable State Minister are our authority.

Board of Directors: Governing body elected by a corporation’s stockholders and charged with overseeing the general management of the firm to ensure that it is being run in a way that best serves the stockholders interests. Like others our organization has board of directors to manage employee’s wants. But sometimes board members owing wrong thing and taking wrong decision, because of their power. They forgot that this power comes from general employees whose give their important vote to make him boss. Our boards of directors are very strong and powerful.

Employees: An organization’s employees are more important and also a major element of its internal environment. DES is a non profitable government service related organization, that’s why here the employees are not so much corrupted. Actually they have no opportunity to do anything harmful. Because they are all Gobo. Employee so that the chain of command of our organization is very well established. We have such work pressure to achieve our goal and objective. Physical Work Environment: A final part of the internal environment is the actual physical work environment of the organization.

Our Urban Community Development is a local program and our field organizer goes door to door of every poor people for creating list of them. Recently our organization completes the Data and Statistics of Disable Persons-2013. For complete this they did a very hard Job. The Organization’s Culture: Culture means a set of values, beliefs, behaviors, customs and attitudes that helps the members of the organization to understand what it stands for, how it does things ND what it considers important. It plays an important part in shaping management behavior.

The Culture of our organization is good, our employee work for poor people, they observe them very closely and feeling sympathy for them. So they really want to do something for helpless people. It cannot possible for all the time, but the behaviors or attitudes of our employee are always good to them. We work for an illiterate group of people whose are uncultured and cannot understand the rules and regulation. But our employee and officers always try to behave well with them. Organization-Environment Relationships Environment is very important for everything.

We can explain organization- environment relationships answer by two questions: How environment affect organization? How organization adapt to their environment? Answer of these two question we can explain organization-environment relationships: Three basic perspectives can be used to describe how environment affect organizations: 1 . By environmental change and complexity 2. Competitive forces 3. Environmental Turbulence 1. Environmental Change and Complexity: D. Thompson was one of the 1st people to recognize the importance of the organization’s environment.

Thompson suggested that the environment can be described along two dimensions: (a) Its degree of change: The degree of change is the extent to which the environment is relatively stable or relatively dynamic. (b) Its degree of homogeneity: The degree of homogeneity is the extent to which the environment is relatively simple (few elements, little segmentation) or relatively complex (many elements, much segmentation) These two dimensions interact to determine the level of uncertainty faced by the organization.

Uncertainty – unpredictability created by environmental change and implement. Least environmental uncertainty is faced by organizations with ‘stable’ and ‘simple’ environments Organizations with ‘dynamic’ but ‘simple’ environments generally face a moderate degree of uncertainty Very dynamic and complex environmental conditions create a high degree of uncertainty. 2. Competitive Forces: Although Thompson general classification are useful and provide some basic insights into organization-environment interactions.

In many ways they lack the precision and specificity needed by managers who must deal with their environments on a day-to-day basis. Michael E. Porter has proposed a more refined way to assess environments: Power of Buyers or Customers level of Rivalry Substitute Product Threat of new entrants 3. Environmental Turbulence: Power of Environmental change or turbulence which occurs with no warning at all. Most common is an organizational crisis of some sort. 9/1 1 affected international and domestic businesses.

Workplace violence – unhappy or dismissed workers assault other workers. Spread of computer viruses that can shut down businesses around the world. [Love Bug virus in 2000] Far too few organizations have developed crisis plans and special teams to deal with such events. Interaction of Our Organization and Environment: Our local office is located in behind of Primary School, Sapphire, Dinosaur. There are many kinds of tree around our office and it always keep us fresh. Many people came to our office in whole day, they can take rest and wait when they need for it.

Government opens this type of organization for help poorest and helpless people. Our employee work for those people day to day. So it is very good for society. That’s why our relation with society is very good. We have no competitor but have regulator. People in last age, widow and husband’s deserted destitute women, our memorable freedom fighters, disable persons came here to get some economic help which provided by country government. How DES adapt to their environment There are 6 basic mechanisms through which any organization adapt to their environments.

Our organization also adapts this: 1 . Information Management: The technique for managing information is: Boundary Spanners: A boundary spanners is an employee, such as a sales representative or a purchasing agent who spends much of his or her time in contact with others outside the organization. The boundary spanners of our organization are our field organizer or MILS. They go door to door for fiend poor old age people, disable person and husband deserted destitute women.

Environmental Scanning: All effective managers engage in environmental scanning. The process of monitoring the environments through activities such as observation and reading. Within the organization, most have also established computer based information system. The Department of Social Service conducts research work on various social problems and also evaluates the ongoing programs. There is a monitoring, evaluation and inspection section of the department. Through this section ongoing field level

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