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OPMGT Assignment Words: 445

Assignment Requirement: You are required to read the following narrative and answer the following questions: Narrative A group of investors are planning to venture into a soft drink-based manufacturing business with a cumulative contribution of ARM 5 million. Recently they have had a series of meetings to discuss on the personalization of the business plan. Their discussions were centered to some key areas as follows: To agree on the decision that one or more of the investors will assume key positions in the company. To identify a suitable recess strategy.

To determine the level of technology in the process. To identify a suitable location for the factory. To draw a layout plan for the factory. To identify the work design. To determine the incorporation of quality management system To determine a suitable inventory management system To outline the supply chain management. (B)(ii) Required Write a 2000 words-long report on how the business plans can be personalized, incorporating all the key areas mentioned in the narrative. (C) Marking Scheme NO Areas Allocated marks Layout plan 20 2 Roles played by key personnel

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Process strategy decision Technology decision Location decision Work design Quality decision Inventory decision Supply chain management decision 7 – 9 each 3 Others: Introduction, conclusion, references, citations, page layout, grammar and vocabulary, word count etc. 15 TOTAL 100 D) Assignment Structure When completing the assignment it should have the following general structure: Student’s cover page (Please refer to section E) Lecturers cover page Marks sheet Table of contents Introduction (Your discussion) Conclusions References Appendix (Optional) E) Documentation Requirements

The student’s cover page should contain information as stated below in order: PAP Logo Module Name and Code Assignment Title Assignment Description (Individual Assignment). Your name and TAP number Intake Number Hand Out and Hand in Dates. Lecturers Name Word count F) The Rearrangement Please pay particular attention to the following: Key details: Ensure that the contents page precisely reflects the whole content of the assignment including the appendices (if there is any). Page numbering: Ensure that the contents page accurately reflects the position of the contents. The page numbers prior to the ‘introduction’ should be roman numerals.

References should be listed according to the Harvard convention with the authors listed in alphabetical order. Each reference should have the following format: Authors last name, initials, [year of publication], title of publication, publication details. Porter, M. E. [2001] ‘Strategy and the Internee, Harvard Business Review, March-April up. 63-78 Authors should be accurately referenced within the assignment according to the Harvard convention. You are expected to clearly state any assumptions you make, and support tenements and theories by referencing to appropriate sources.

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