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Old Oregon Wood Store Mr.. George Brown: From the data that you provided which contained the manufacturing times of your staff consisting of Tom, Leon, Cathy, Randy, and yourself we were able to determine the optimal staffing which will produce the fastest manufacturing times by utilizing an assignment algorithm. The process involved in preparing the data and the results of the algorithm is as follows. The first was to determine how many minutes each step of the manufacturing process took for each of your employees.

Once these gurus were determined we inserted them into a quality management software tool, named CM for Windows (CM), which has a formatted table that can calculate the assignment algorithm. CM Assignment Solution Based on the solutions from CM we have determined the optimal staffing per step in your manufacturing process that will produce the fastest completion times: Tom to preparation, Cathy to assembly, George to finishing, and Leon to packaging. This staffing assignment, presented in Table 1, details the ideal position for each original crew member in your manufacturing process.

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When assigning your original staff to each step presented in Table 1 you can expect a total completion time of 240 minutes for each table. Assuming that there are 480 minutes available in a normal work day you can assume that 2 tables can be made per day. Table 1 Ism’s Assignment Solution for Optimal Staffing with Original Crew Person I Job I Time I Tom I Preparation | 100 | Cathy I Assembly | 70 | George I Finishing | 60 | Leon I Packaging | 10 | I Total timely 240 | We then compared the production time against each station time to determine how many tables can be completed in a work day.

Table 2 details our calculations which show how many stations can be completed in the completion time that was provided in Table 1. From Table 2 we noticed that the preparation step’s maximum completion time is limited to 2. 4 tables in 1 day. Since all other stations are dependent upon this step in the process all other stations can only produce 2. 4 tables as well. We can even take this information a step further to examine the percentage of utilization for each station.

Table 4 shows the total construction time of 240 minutes if Randy replaces Tom in the manufacturing process. With this data we can provide the number of stations that can be completed in a day which is shown in Table 5 and the percentage of utilization per each station shown in Table 6. We can see from Table 5 that the preparation step in the manufacturing process increased to 3 tables a day, an increase of 25% from the original crews completion time as shown in Table 1.

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