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As you read in this unit, self-efficacy is extremely important during this developmental stage. The book states, “The key to self-esteem, then, is the amount of discrepancy between what the child desires and what he thinks he has achieved”. Relate this information to your own experience as a child (ages 6-12). How did your family influence your self-efficacy during this time of your development? How did your peers influence your self-efficacy during this time of your development?

If ou could go back in time, what advice might you give yourself during this age to help develop greater self-efficacy and why? Please provide specific examples from your own life story throughout the essay. OR B) Please watch the Frontline documentary, Growing Up Online in its entirety. How might technology, including social media, impact the social development of children and tweens? What are the potential positive and negative developmental consequences of this type of technology?

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Also, discuss the implications of online ullying, including how this specific form of bullying impacts tween development in ways not known to previous generations. What can we do as a society to prevent this form of bullying? HISTORY Tasks: 1 . Select a subject from this list: Emperor Augustus, Populares, Tiberius Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Cicero, Julius Ceasar, First Triumvirate, Second Triumvirate, Trajan, Claudius, Augustus, Octavian, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra VI’, Aqueduct, Nero, Jerusalem, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Herculaneum, Constantine, Diocletian, Edict of Toleration, Augustine, Alexandria. Select the five best web sources you can find. Use the CCCOnline Library tools to help you! How do you determine the best sources? Visit http://www. lib. berkeley. edu/TeachingLib/Guides/ Internet/Evaluate. html (links open to new window) or http://www. usg. edu/galileo/ skills/unit09/index. phtml (links open to new window). 3. Create a grammatically correct bibliography that lists your sources. Each source description should begin with a full citation (see the links below).

Following the citation, each description hould be a minimum 1-2 paragraphs long and will include both a comprehensive explanation of what you found in the source (and how it relates to your subject), an explanation of why you chose it, and if it is primary or secondary. 4. Upload your Webliography to the Dropbox by the scheduled due date. Wow discussion 5. Choose one idea, event, or person from the unit’s readings. Think of three substantive related questions that you could answer with more research. 6. Build a reflective written assignment that you will share in the discussion with your lassmates.

At the top of the document, quote or paraphrase the WOW fact and provide the source of that fact in APA, MLA or CMS format. 7. Write an introductory paragraph about your topic and why you chose it. Then below the introduction, answer your tnree questlons witn a mlnlmum 0T one sollO paragrapn eacn ana provide the source(s) of your information in the same format. 8. Post your assignment in the appropriate unit discussion to share with classmates. 9. Respond to at least two other classmates’ assignments with additional questions and comments

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