New school, new identity, new target Assignment

New school, new identity, new target Assignment Words: 550

The first day at a new school is usually daunting, but not for me. That’s not the way I have been trained. I was brought up on rules. We all were. Rule number one: never show weakness. Well, at least not your real weakness. Rule two: never stray from the information provided. There are more, but these are the most important ones. I had a shower, and combed my red hair. I decided to leave It down today, mainly to stand out. I pulled on my administration t-shirt, which was black with a white circle in he middle, a pair of black skinny Jeans, and matching doc martins.

I put some black eyeliner on my top lids, and a little mascara, and then walked out of the house I had been assigned. I boarded to school, my sparkling black waveband matching my outfit perfectly. This was the first time I’d ever been at an American school, and despite myself, I was excited. Boarding down the deserted road, I received a text from one of my tutors, Each. “Malls u loads Came “eve only Just received the assignment, Z! ” I got a reply instantly. “l know that, but still! I got one in England, so I wont see u. ” “Well txt every day, I promise. I looked up to see I was nearly there. “I’ll txt u err” The school wasn’t what I was expecting, with Its high arches and the words “Collagen High” in gold. ” I skated to the reception desk, and gave them my name. “Sammie Solomon. ” I was told to use my real name, which breaks around 10 rules. It felt unnatural, strange. The blonde lady at reception looked me up and down. I stared her In the eye. She wordlessly handed me my timetable, and I looked for my first subject. Home room. Nodding my thanks, I made my way down the long corridor in search of my classroom.

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I arrived In class early, only a few others there. As I walked down towards the back of the class, I got a few weird looks from the students, but I didn’t care. I took a seat right in the back corner, and waited. As more people piled into the classroom, I looked at how differently people dressed. Some people dressed all in black, some people dressed in bright colors. All the seats were full, apart from the one next to I figured that was everyone, and had a look round the class. There. Sitting at the opposite side of the room was a boy around 16, with dark hair.

That was him. Jack Carpenter. His dad, John, was a drug dealer. My assignment was to befriend his son and lead the extract team to the correct location. Tater class Tallness, I went towards ten door when I saw a season In ten corner or my eye, I turned, and it was Jack. “So you’re the new kid? ” he asked. “That’s me. I’m Sammie. ” “lace. ” “I don’t know where I’m going, could you help? ” “Sure, follow me. ” He showed me around the school, and he let me sit with him at lunch. I felt I was Ewing watched, but I dismissed that quickly. Of course I’m being watched.

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