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View your profile by clicking “My Profile” in Dashboard. Upload your photo, resume and contact details in your profile. Updates on alerts,announcements such as chat schedule,major university events information, exams date, etc. Are posted in this space. Add new co-learners & faculty members to your network and know your network.

Check mails received from other in your outwork and send mails to faculties,co-learners. Store your own media audio, video, PPTP files under My Media centre link View the program you are enrolled for and download the program guide. Click on course book to view your subjects, SLIM, e- SLIM,PPTP, MAC, FAQ, Case studies, Assignments,MSP. Check the Detuned Answers feature on Detuned and post your queries on this platform. You can also view the queries posted by your classmates and their answers on this forum. View the list of approved faculty and mentors. Know the learning process for your programmer objectifies.

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View recorded links of previously conducted chat sessions 1 Login 2 Change Password 3 My Profile 4 Check Announcement 5 My Network 6 My Messages 7 My Intermediate 8 My Programs 9 Course Book 10 Detuned Answers 11 Approved List of Mentors 12 Learning Process Map 13 Recorded chat sessions Remark:- Continue with your participation and interaction on the portal after completion of your orientation programmer. This will help you to get updated with the timely information on the assignments,cases studies, chat sessions and other subject related activities.

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