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My love for man is Oh so good. I don’t know how to live my life. After being married for so many years, I’m confused on whose life I’m living any. Says. I’m I doing my own thing or, am I living my children’s and husband’s life. After being a stay at home mom for a while and my husband being the breadwinner. Does this make me any less of a wife, women, provider that was put onto this earth to do. That your paper has a focused, narrow, assertive thesis, and that it contains abundant textual support for all substitutions and claims (direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries).

Review Appendix 4 in the The Story and Its Writer, “Writing About Short Stories,” and the Module 2 Lecture for information’s writing critical analyses of short stories. This paper should be an analysis, not merely an explication, of the text(s). Topic One: Analysis of Style in Relation to Theme Choose one or two assigned short stories and analyze how specific elements of fiction, such as symbolism, imagery, setting, characterization, plot structure, or language contribute to the story’s central theme (e. G. , imagery of light, vision, and beauty in “Arab”).

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Make sure you . Explain how and why, and make your thesis very specific and unique (do not merely present a statement of fact about the Story or stories). Topic Three: Comparison and Contrast Choose two or more assigned short stories and compare and contrast their unique presentations of topics (e. G. , compare and contrast the treatment of marriage in “The Story of an Hour,” “A Rose@ Emily,” and “The Yellow Wallpaper. “) Class is flying by again. We are dealing with the move from Modernism to Post-Modernism this week (and I wish we had longer than a week to deal with it).

Our readings are quite revocation this week, so be ready. The assignment load is nothing new, we’ve been thinking about and our outline for awhile. This week, the outline is due. Remember, after this there are only two more weeks so finish strong. Write well, Dave This week you will be able to: ? Apply the elements of fiction to representative short fiction from the late Modernist and Postmodernist periods in order to determine the relationship between structure and theme the literary works. Identify writers of Modernism and how they conform to the movement. Research Paper Outline In a formal or informal sketch outline, list the major assertions and subtopics of your paper. This outline should form the basic structure for your research paper, but you may find tattoo change or modify the paper or outline in your actual writing and revision. The outline should, minimally, contain the following elements: Welcome to Week Seven!

Well, we’re almost done. Two weeks left. While reading and posting for this week, continue to work on your final project. This week we are examining the role of minority writers in the dying art of the short story (my opinion). The short essay assignment is below. African American Cultural Influence on an Author In ‘Everyday Use,’ Alice Walker analyzes the complexities associated with race, class, gender, and society.

Similar to James Baldwin, Walker uses her unique, narrative style to explore the “ambiguity and irony found in Negro lifer” especially in regards to sibling relationships and the outside forces that attempt to destroy the bond. Expectations of the protagonist, Jonathan? Discuss the title “Civil Peace. ” Has Jonathan achieved a civil peace in the wake of a civil war? Why or why not? Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s story, “A Very’ Old Man with Enormous Wings,” lends magical realism with a simple, straightforward style of writing.

In the story, Marquee incorporates satire, irony, and humor, while also addressing serious and somewhat dark themes and topics. Choose two or three key elements of Marquez’s style (humor, magical realism, irony, satire, metaphor, etc. ). How do these literary techniques help him to convey the story’s possible central theme or message?

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