My Life 10 Years from Now Assignment

My Life 10 Years from Now Assignment Words: 390

In this assignment, your group Is required to produce a report that presents your decision on which place to visits, agreed collectively by all group members. To achieve this, you have to perform the followings: 1 . Each member must suggest one interesting place in Saba, which he/she has visited and would love to visit it again. Thus, 8 (a minimum of 6) interesting places will be identified. 2. Each member will have to argue and convince the others on why they should go to his/ her choice of interesting place.

In addition to the attractions offered, a number f factors have to be included in the argument as follows: a. Cost. B. Faceless available. C. Transportation. 3. Comparison has to be made to highlights the advantage and disadvantage of visiting the identified places in (1) based on argument in (2). 4. Identify only one place of interest that everyone (or majority) in the group has agreed to visits. All of the above has to be presented In the form of report with the following details: 1 . The report must consists at least four sections: a. Introduction. Want ten report Is auto. . Description of places of interest: Describe each places suggested by members. C. Comparison and analysis: Compare the suggested places of interest (please use table to highlight the advantage and disadvantage). Example is shown in Appendix A. D. Conclusion: The group’s decision. Include also how the decision is made. 2. The report must follow the ‘GAY MUMS’ format (as attached), except: a. The cover page: You may use your own format for the cover of the report. B. Abstract in not necessary. C. List of reference is not necessary. 3. A minimum page is 9, with the maximum of 15. 4.

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Each group MUST submit unique submission. Groups that have similar reports will be considered plagiarism and penalized. Appendix A I Name of Place I What is so cool about this place available Park climbing. By car, I I I Cost I Transportation I Facilities I Cannibals I The main attraction at the Park is Mount Kimball, one of I Mount I Transportation: OROMO/ person I The place can be reached I the highest mountains in South East Asia standing at Rappelling and abseiling. I Mount climbing: REARM/ I taxi or bus. 14095. 2 meters. It also hosts thousands of flora and fauna. I I person.

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