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My Development Into Childhood – Psy Assignment Words: 1974

Planting (won awards -? Azalea Festival, Blue Flame Contest, Lakes and Mountains school for the Arts) B. Drawing C. Spending time with friends IV. What did you want to do when you grew up? A. Become an astronaut B. Become a teacher C. Become a graphic designer D. Become an accountant E. Always knew I wanted to be a mother V. What Jobs have you had In your life? A. Carillons Theme Park staff member B. Daycare employee C. Med Tech – Nursing Home D. Respiratory Therapist E. Clinical Informatics Coordinator F. Information Services Manager A. 2 daughters B. Divorced C.

Very close relationship with daughters VI’. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? Obtain BBS degree B. Professional-Gain knowledge to excel at career C. Professional -Be a true leader in my new career A. Academic – D. Professional- continue to bridge the gap between clinical and technical staff Personal – help children develop into successful adults VIII. What would make you happy in the future? A. For my children to develop into adults and acknowledge I am a good mother For my children to excel in professional careers C. For my children to keep God as center focus D.

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To unite with my entire family in Heaven. B. Adult development and psychology generally refers to the study of how humans hanged over the course of their lifetime. From years past to current day psychologist are still unraveling the mysteries of what causes us to develop and change. There are numerous theories which explain the factors that affect development. I believe that my own positive development into adulthood is a direct result of the excellent parenting I received. This essay will be utilized to explore my lifespan thus far and relate it to applicable psychological theories.

The earliest memories from childhood that I recall are from 5 or 6 years old and beyond. I was born into a loving, Christian home. My father is a wonderful, hardworking, loyal and honest man. There will never be another man who can compare to my dad. My mother, like my father, exemplified everything that a parent should be. She was a teacher who had an incredible way of appealing to students of all types. Both of my parents were, and still are, hardworking and nurturing. My parents always displayed love, patience, and affection to one another and to my sister and me.

I imagine that there were hard times and disagreements encountered along life’s way but I have no predominant memories of such. Arguing, fussing, and creaming did not occur in my household. My parents were careful to prevent negative exposure of this type from my sister and me. As I grew into middle childhood ages chores were implemented. Whether it be assisting in the vegetable garden or cleaning the bathrooms I despised chores. Hard work and responsibilities were taught early by my parents. At the time it seemed cruel and unfair but I can now see that they were utilizing a development method called modeling to teach me.

Children learn and develop by watching others (Witt & Mossier, 2010, section 2. 7). My parents were modeling the behaviors that they hillier are far more influenced by what adults do than what they say. It is the behavior of the model that is critical” (Witt & Mossier, 2010, section 2. 7). After chores were complete playtime was allowed. This was my parents’ way of teaching me the value of working hard and proportioning. I can recall summers that seemed like they lasted forever. My cousins and I played cops and robbers on our bicycles and built forts in the woods.

These times developed relationships and lasting bonds. From middle childhood to the adolescent years I discovered my artistic abilities. Whether it be drawing, painting, or creating other art forms I realized that art was my passion. My parents encouraged this ability in every way possible. This was my release from the worries of the world. To this day, I use art to relieve stress. With the adolescent years came the terrible teenage attitude. I transformed from a quiet child who made the Honor Roll to a brat who could not care less about my future.

During this time of life the part of my personality called the id was in control. According to Sigmund Freud, each individual’s personality has three parts which he called the ‘d, the ego, and the superego. The ‘d, which resides in the unconscious mind, is driven by only one thing: the desire for personal pleasure, “me, me, me” (Witt & Mossier, 2010, section 2. 2). There was no opportunity for my superego to remind me of what was right or wrong; I was far too busy being a rebellious teenager. My parents stood by me and managed to survive this trying time, although I am not sure how.

The bad decisions I made as an adolescent had a negative effect on my progression into adulthood. I married an immoral, cruel, lazy alcoholic at a young age. I also proceeded to have two children before the age of twenty-one. This was my early adult years and I was struggling to pay bills and find my way as a parent. Life was essentially miserable, other than the Joy I received from being a mother. Having my daughters at such a young age forced me into adulthood at a rapid pace. I wanted to be a great parent and be able to provide well for my girls.

This desire led me back to school. It was a very hard time as I worked full-time and attended school full-time. As the saying goes, “l found out what I was made of”. My Associates Degree in Health Science with High Honors was awarded to me but I old have never been able to accomplish this without the continuous support of my loving parents. As a student in school for my Associates Degree I began working at a hospital. After completing my degree I was offered a Job full-time at the same hospital. Working twelve-hour shifts on the night shift rotation was terrible.

Lack of sleep was routine for me during this time. My children were very young and did not sleep during the day so I was not able to get the sleep I needed. In no time I despised every minute that I was working. Although I was able to provide financially better than ever before for my children I was miserable. Fortunately, a co-worker highly recommended me to a manger for another local hospital and I was offered a Job there. This was a full-time day shift Job and was a better fit for my family. This was another clinical (Registered Respiratory Therapist) position involving direct patient care.

I loved nurturing my patients but became bored with the Job after a few years. I began volunteering for additional assignments and committees challenges and knowledge I was gaining; this was very fulfilling for me. I believe John Holland Personality Theory of Career Satisfaction to be accurate. Holland theory dates, “People feel that their Job or profession is fulfilling if there is a match between some important features of their work and their personality. A simple example is that of a “naturally” creative person who lands a fulfilling Job in the arts” (Witt & Mossier, 2010, section 2. ). My desire for challenges and artistic projects was not being fulfilled with my clinical position. The extra projects and assignments eventually paid off. My talents were seen by hospital management and I was offered the position of Clinical Informatics Coordinator in the Information Services Department. This was a new position for the hospital which allowed me the opportunity to develop the Job into what I desired for it to be. Aside from the main responsibility of leading the hospital into a successful implementation of a new electronic system, I was able to challenge myself daily.

The compulsive need to be organized was also fulfilled with this position. In addition, I utilized my artistic talents to create power point presentations and other educational pamphlets for staff usage. The famous quote by Confucius, “Choose a Job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, is very true. I heard this many times as a child but never really grasped the meaning or believed it to be true until recent years. After working previous Jobs that I despised, followed by a Job that I loved proved this quote to be true.

After a recent promotion I am now the Information Services Manager and I continue to love my Job every day. I could not be more fulfilled with a career than I currently am, and for that I am thankful. Currently, I am attending school again for my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Informatics. I am the single parent of two adolescent daughters who I am now a role model to, Just as my parents were for me. The decision to enroll in school again was primarily motivated by the desire to advance my career and maintain Job security. As a single mom I make all decisions based on choices that are best for my daughter’s futures.

I want them to see that their mom worked hard and received rewards for that. As my daughter’s grow, I often think back to my younger years. I can see now why my parents made certain decisions when I was younger. I respect them highly for their decision to avoid arguing and fussing in front of me. As Dry. Phil McGraw often states during his television shows, “When you fuss and argue in front f your children it changes who they are”. My parents taught me about hard work, responsibilities, commitment, honesty, love, kindness, and most importantly the love of God.

All of the essentials for a successful adulthood were modeled by my parents and they are the reason that my progression into middle adulthood has been positive and rewarding. Reference: Witt, G. A. , ; Mossier, R. A. (2010). Adult Development and Life Assessment. San Diego, CA: Bridgeport Education Hello Students, reading the final product of your Final Paper. Keep working hard so you may finish the class well. As you finish up the Final Papers for Week 5, please remember: Take a look at the Final Paper assignment description and grading rubric found under Week 5 in the left-hand column.

It is important that you carefully follow these instructions and know how this last assignment will be graded. Make sure to incorporate the feedback from your Week 2 and Week 3 assignments into this assignment. Remember to take a look at the comments in the body of the paper. The feedback is provided to help your writing improve, so make sure you utilize it! Remember to include all the parts of the assignment: title page, outline, introduction with thesis statement, body, conclusion, and reference page. Many forgot to include the outline in the last assignment, so make sure you include the outline as part of the Final Paper.

Remember the page length for the Final Paper is 7-8 pages, with the body of the paper being 4-5 pages. Make sure your paper meets the minimum page requirement. Don’t forget to specifically connect your life story to a theory from the textbook. Remember it’s not enough to just mention a theory. Give some information about the theory and clearly demonstrate how it applies to your life. Remember to include an in-text tuition every time you use information from a source. When citing the course textbook in an in-text citation, use (Witt ; Mossier, 2010) for paraphrased information.

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