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Tech will help me accomplish my dream of.. .Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. Want to help catch bad guys and make the streets better one day at a time. Want to be able to use evidence at crime scenes to determine the proper justice for the criminal to serve and to help get more bad guys off the streets. I want to be able to help those in need to help get on with their live by providing proof from the crime scenes to catch the bad guys. In order to achieve my dream, I will utilize my skills and use my learning style preference to my advantage.

My support system will also help me to succeed. In order to reach my educational goal, will effectively utilize my time by organizing and proportioning my tasks each day. I will also draw on my past experiences and current skills to succeed. My goal is to find more time to get my assignments done on time. I will use my time a little more wisely. Will have more patience and not get bent out of shape whenever the assignments get to difficult to do. I need to to find ways to do my assignments in between working two jobs. I could stop utilize my time more by not playing video games less and study more for assignments.

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I learned about my preferred learning style by taking the BARK Learning Style Questionnaire. My style was kinetics and although I have the other skills as well. The other one ones are not as high as the kinetics skill. I like it better to have a more hands on experience. Like when I learned how to mow the lawn. Had to have someone show me how to operate the lawnmower. Showing me helps me to do things because once can see how it’s done then can do it as well. Know I am not alone in earning my degree at Florida Tech. My support system will help me to reach my educational goals.

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