Multicultural Education Scenario Assignment

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Multicultural Education Scenario Steps required for multicultural education to be effective are trust, tolerance, understanding, and open mindedness. The most important step is gaining the trust of pupils by including the culture of all its students (Johnson, Musial, Hall, Gollnick, & Dupuis, 2005, p. 121). All students have to be taught tolerance for each others abilities, limitations, and differences. By understanding the cultural differences in all of us, we can learn to understand each other better and become more tolerant of the differences.

Children will then learn that differences can be good and also beneficial to all. This will then lead to open mindedness that is the first step to understanding each other better. On the first day of school during introduction all students will be allowed to introduce themselves any way they want. When introducing myself I will touch on personal history for example I was poor growing up, raised by single mother and that I have Native American blood in me. I will discuss that I grew up with disabled Grandfather an aunt also a cousin in a wheelchair.

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This will allow me to identify with the White students, Native American students, disabled students, and poor students. Class conduct will be outlined during introduction. The main rule in class will be respect for others. Treat others the way we want to be treated! My students will know that picking on other students will not be tolerated and the punishment for such will be outlined. The goal will be stop and think before we speak. If what we are going to say will hurt someone’s feelings keep our opinions to ones self! I will let them know that our classroom will be a haven for them.

As such it will be a place where everyone is treated as equals no matter sex, race religion, size, or physical disability. We are all the same on the inside. Lesson plan for language arts will be multicultural autobiographical poem (Bloom & Smith, 1999). Students will all read their completed poems to the class. The poems will be kept for further use in several other assignments. One will be unique characteristic and descriptive traits; the focus will be that we all have several of the same characteristics and the same traits.

Another lesson from the poem will be family traditions the class will be split into groups, the groups will be as diverse as the class. No group will consist of two students from the same ethnic background. Students will discuss and write down the traditions they have that are the same and the traditions that are different. Reading fairy tales from different cultures and illustrating that fairy tales transcend race and religion (Edsitement, n. d). How do the fairy tales differ and how do the fairy tales stay the same. Learning songs and poems from different cultures and how we can relate them to our own culture.

When students are reading allowed I will repeat every thing they read this will ensure that no one feels bad if their English is not as good as the other students. Social studies lesson plan I will go through the book starting from chapter one. I will not pick out any certain ethnic group to start with. The goal being not to make anyone feel that they are being singled out. Posters of different countries and ethnic back grounds will be on the walls. We will learn songs and dances from different cultures students will also be allowed to sing songs they grew up with for the class.

By comparing how they differ will foster critical thinking skills. This will also allow us to delve deeper into the culture. Discussing foods from different nations is a good way to study different cultures. Students can make posters of what they think the different cultures represent to them. A calendar in class will show all holidays, not just holidays of the United States. This will also allow students to learn of different cultures because we can discuss how each of the holidays is celebrated in that country. We could have mini-holidays in our classroom. Children love to celebrate.

To be a good teacher you not only have to stimulate the brain but all the other senses as well. Students learn in many different manners and the more ways offered to them the better learning experience for all. My goal in teaching is to help all children realize their full potential and utilize it to the best of their abilities. Also we should treat other people the way we would want to be treated. Hopefully, by delving into my own history I will be able to create a connection with my pupils that will not only last one year but a lifetime. References Johnson, J. A. Musial, D. , Hall, G. E. , Gollnick, D. M. , & Dupuis, V. L. (2005). AED 200. Introduction to the Foundations of American Education, Thirteenth Edition. Retrieved from http://myresource. phoenix. edu/resource/aed 200_week_1_reading4. pdf. Bloom, S & Smith, J. (1999). Multicultural autobio poem. Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education. Retrieved from http://www. eastern. edu/publications/emme/1999spring/bloom. html Edsitement. (n. d). Cinderella Folk Tales: Variations in Plot and Setting. Retrieved from http://edsitement. neh. gov/view_lesson_plan. asp? id=419

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