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Aileen never knew her biological father a child molester that in 1969 hanged is self in jail. Allen’s biological mother, Diane married a man by the name of Pitman at age 15 and he fathered Keith who was born in 1955 and Aileen the following year. Diane divorced Pitman after only two years of marriage a few months before the birth of Aileen. By 1960 the thought of being a mother was something that was just unbearable so she just abandoned Aileen and her brother Keith and they were taken in by Laura and Brigit Winnow and later adopted by their maternal grandparents and moved to Troy, Michigan.

From the book, “Lethal Intent”, by Sue Russell stated that Aileen was beaten y Laura with a belt. “When she was made to pull down her shorts and bend over the wooden table in the middle of the kitchen, when the doubled-over belt flew down onto her bare buttocks, little Aileen railed against her father, petrified and crying noisily. Sometimes she lay face down, spread-eagled naked on the bed, for her whippings. ” The Worsen’ never told the children that they were their grandparents and it was not until Aileen was twelve and really did not help the situation that she found herself in at that time.

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Mr.. Worsen was an extremely heavy drinker and a disciplinarian when it came o the children and when they found out about who their parents really were they rebelled. One of the stories that Aileen told the police upon her arrest was that she was having sex with her brother Keith at a young age and although many acquaintances highly doubted it and the fact that Keith died of throat cancer in 1 976, the story was never confirmed. Clearly, though, she was having sex and at the age of fourteen became pregnant and had a son in the Detroit maternity home in March of 1971.

The child was given away for adoption. Brigit Worsen died in July of that same year of liver failure supposedly although Diane, the biological mother of Aileen, firmly believed that she had been killed by Laura but yet another daughter believed that Baristas death was a result of the stress that Keith and Aileen had put her through their constantly being truant and Allen’s pregnancy. On the night that Brigit passed she was suffering convulsions and if Laura was to blame for anything was not calling for a paramedic in time stating “l did not have the money for it. Dropping out of school, Aileen, known as Lee to her friends, spent the next decade engaging in one doomed relationship after another, prostitution, heft, forgery, armed robbery and hitchhiking around and at one time attempted to commit suicide. Aileen was an absolute mess both mentally and physically from the use of drugs and alcohol and self-destructive way that she conducted her life. By the time that she became acquainted with Atria Moore who was 24 years of age at the time, at a local gay bar in Daytona she was angry, lonely and ready for a new challenge.

TTY deeply loved Aileen and quit her job as a maid in a local motel to follow her around and allow “Lee” to support her with her earnings as a prostitute and things seemed to absolutely great in their relationship. Over time their ardor seemed to cool down and money began to run short but yet TTY contain due to cling onto Lee following from one cheap motel to another and even living in a barn or in the woods. On November 30, 1989 in Palm Harbor, Florida named Richard Mallory, a store owner, became the first victim for Aileen after he took a ride with her.

Mr.. Mallory enjoyed changing things up and was known to close his electronics store in Clearwater, Florida and disappear for several days on sex and drinking binges. Mr.. Mallory like change so much that he changed the locks of his apartment over eight times n a short three year period. He had a habit of only keeping employees around long enough to fix the electronics that had backlogged in his store while he was out binging.

He was paranoid and liked sex and alcohol and there was not anyone who was close enough to even notice him was missing until the 1 977 Cadillac he drove was discovered after a couple of days in Daytona Beach that anyone thought that something was wrong. In December two young boys were looking for scrap metal close to 1 95 on a dirt road in Villous County Florida when came upon something that Was rapped in carpet that turned out to be the body of Mallory.

Although the body was badly decomposed the authorities were able to obtain fingerprints that provided the identity of the victim, Richard Mallory, who was last seen 13 days before. The cause of death was the result of three . 22 caliber shots. After a lengthy investigation into the sordid way that Mr.. Mallory lived and the shady acquaintances that he had no solid leads were developed except for questions they wanted to ask a stripped named Chastity. Chastity would tell friends she had partied with Mallory for several days and ad killed him.

The boyfriend informed the police of this statement and they arrested Chastity. Finally after several weeks of investigation they concluded her confession was a result of her anger toward the boyfriend and totally untrue and after running down several leads the case turned cold. Deep in a wooded area of Citrus County, Florida 45 miles north of Tampa Bay the body of David Spears was found naked and shot multiple times with a . 22 on June 1, 1990. Spears, a heavy equipment operator, had last seen on May 19 by his employer.

Mr.. Spears told his boss he was going to Orlando. The truck that he had driven turned up along 1-75 all doors unlocked and the license gone and a used condom close by his body. Thirty miles south another body of a naked man is found in Paso County again not far off 1-75. Unlike the bodies of the other two, this body, was found on the 6th of June, 1990, the decomposed made the job of the medical examiner was not able to extract fingerprints or even estimate a time that the body had been killed.

Nine bullets were recovered from the body and although they were severely damaged by the decomposition they were still determined to be . 22 caliber. Detective Tom Muck of the Paso County Sheriffs Department was assigned to the case and had no luck in determining who the John Doe was. The body was later identified as Charles Sarandon. Having heard of the case in Citrus County, Detective Muck contacted the investigator in that case, Detective Marvin Budget to discuss the similarities in the two cases and suggested that they remain in touch.

Rwanda Bailey was sitting on her porch when a car ran often Route 315 in Orange Springs, Florida, and came to rest in the brush. Two women got out of the vehicle cursing and throwing beer cans into the woods. According to Bailey, the little brown haired woman did not say much and that the blonde woman talked the most asking the Bailey not to notify the police even though she was bleeding from the crash, saying that her father lived just down the road and he would take care of them. The two managed to get the car back on the road even though it had a smashed windshield and other body damage.

They did not get very far from the accident site when the car just quit on them and they abandoned the vehicle and started walking down the highway. Responding to a call of an accident Orange Springs Volunteer Fireman Hubert Hewitt saw two women walking down the road and stopped and asks them if they were the ones involved in the accident. According to Hewitt, the blonde woman, cursed him and said “no, and we do not need any help”, Hewitt left the alone and they continued to walk down the road.

Not long after this event took place deputies from the Marion County Sheriffs Office found the 1988 Pontiac Sunbird right where the women had left it. A computer record inquiry was ran on the vehicle identification number and it was determined that the car was owned by a man that had gone missing on June 7th by the name of Peter Seems who had left Jupiter Florida in route to visit friends in Russell, Arkansas. Retired from the Merchant Marines, the 65 year old Seems had given most of his free time to an outreach ministry.

Jupiter Police Officer John Wispiest had been assigned to the case of the missing man and had posted a brief paragraph of the case and police artist renditions of possible suspects into the Florida Criminal Activity Bulletin and hoped for a response but he was not hopeful in finding Mr.. Seems alive. Gilchrest Sausage deliveryman Troy Burgers left on his delivery route on the July 30th. After Mr.. Burgers failed to return that afternoon his manager, Johnny Mae Thompson began to call stops along his route looking for him and discovered that Burgers had not arrived for his final delivery stops.

After several hours had passed Mrs.. Thompson and her husband went looking for Burgers without any luck in finding him. Around two in the morning the wife of Troy Burgers filed a missing persons report with the Marion County Sheriffs Office who found the delivery truck on State Why 19 around twenty miles from Call Florida unlocked and the keys gone but no sign of Burgers. His body was located five days after the missing person report was filed by a family that was out on a picnic just off Highway 1 9 in the Call National Forest about eight miles from where his truck was found.

Although the heat sped up the rate of decomposition his body was identified by his wife through his wedding ring. Shot once in the back and once in the chest by a . 22 had caused his death. A drifter by the name of Curtis Michael Blankness’s was the original suspect that Investigator John Tillie zeroed in on due to the fact that he was hitchhiking along Why 19 on the same day that Burgers was ported missing and was picked up not far from where the truck was found. It was later determined that Blankness’s had nothing to do with the death of Mr..

Burgers and this lead the case to turn cold because Tillie did not have any more suspects. Florist’s Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services protective investigator Dick Humphreys did not return home after his last day in the Somerville office. He was looking forward to his new assignment as an protective investigator specializing in injured and abused children in the Call office. Ironically this was not Humphreys first career. Before joining Florist’s Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services had been a police chief in the State of Alabama.

At fifty six he had celebrated his thirty fifth anniversary of his marriage on the 10th of September. The next day, the 1 lath, he turned up missing. On the following day the 12th, his body was located in Marion County, multiple times by a . 22. The car he had driven turned up later that month in Suwannee County. Walter Gin Notation’s nude body was found a month later along a rural road in Dixie County. The trucker, part time security officer and reserve Alice officer had been shot several times with a . 2 at the time he was found he had been dead less than 24 hours. Five days later his car was located in rural Bereaved County. Lead Investigator of the Marion County Sheriffs Criminal Investigation Division, Capita. Steven Vinegar became familiar with the crimes that had occurred in Citrus and Paso counties realized that he could not just ignore facts and that all the cases were similar in nature and began to formulate a theory and put together a task force of officers from the various counties where the murders happened and the victims were found.

The fact that almost no one picks up hitchhikers it was clear that the person or person’s committing these crimes were not threatening to their victims so the assumption was that the perpetrators were women. This was given more credence since two women had walked away from the wreck of the Ism’s car. The task force needed help so they turned to the media. Router’s news service ran the story in November stating that the police were looking for women. All across the State of Florida papers began to run the story along with sketches of the women that they police were looking for.

By mid-December the leads concerning the same two women came pouring in. One tip from a gentleman in Homosexuals Springs stated that he had rented a mobile home to two women a year before and that their names were a woman named Lee and Atria Moore. From Tampa came a lead saying that the women worked in her motel in Call and that their names were Susan Blowhole and Atria Moore. Then the anonymous call claimed that TTY Moore and Lee Blowhole had bought a REV from a person in Homosexuals Springs. The caller stated that the women were lesbians and that the dominant one, Lee, was a truck stop prostitute.

In Port Orange not far from Daytona the police there were tracking Atria Moore and Lee Blowhole and could provide a report of the couple and their activity in detail from late September through middle of December. This was the mother lode. The police ran a record check on the license that Blowhole had provide which was in the name of Sammie Marsh Greene along with the names of Lee Blowhole, and Atria Moore. The report came back with a minor charge that was dismissed in 1983. Blowhole had been arrested on a minor trespass charge and there was no record on Greene or record of her existence whatsoever.

This raised eyebrows and the Villous County Sheriffs office began to check the name against the records of the pawn shops in the area where they found that Greene had pawned a radar detector and a camera along with the required fingerprint on the pawn ticket. Those pawned items was the property of Richard Mallory At another pawn shop in Round Beach a set of tools that belonged to David Spears had been pawned by Greene. Automated Fingerprint Identification System Specialist Jenny Earner knew that the key to this whole case rested with the fingerprint.

Her initial search urine up absolutely nothing but she went to Villous County and started a manual search of the fingerprint records. An hour later she had located exactly what she was looking for. The print was on file in a weapons charge along with a warrant for Lori Gorky. The bloody print that was located in Peter Ism’s car belonged to Goody. The National Crime Information Center was notified and this information was entered into the system. Almost immediately inquiries began to come in from Colorado, Florida and Michigan. Lori Gorky, Sammie Marsh Greene, Susan Blowhole were all known to be soak’s of one Aileen Carol Worsen.

The manhunt or in this case, woman hunt began on the 5th of January 1991 including a pair of undercover officers known as “Drums” and “Bucket” posing as drug dealers in from Georgia. Dick Martin and Mike Joinery in their undercover roles located Worsen at the Port Orange Pub and were moving in to make a gradual arrest so that they would have a case that was airtight. Their planning was almost blown with the Port Orange Police came rushing in and directed Worsen to go with them outside the pub. Joinery made a frantic call to the commander center of six jurisdictions located in the Pirates

Cove Motel to inform the officers to not apprehend Worsen. The word went out to the officers on scene in the just in time. They released her and she returned to the pub. This potential damaging act by the Port Orange Police Department was not due to a leak but it was later surmised the it was just police officers doing the job that they are paid to do. Martin and Joinery engaged Worsen in conversation and purchased a couple of beers for her but she left the pub at 1 0 pm without accepting the offer of a ride from the officers. As Worsen walked down the street a couple of Florida Dept. Law Enforcement officer almost ruined the effort to take Worsen down in a cautious manner by following he down Rosewood with no lights on. Again a call from the command center was made to have the officers change their tactics and this allowed Aileen to reach her destination which was a biker bar known as the Last Resort. This was the last night that Worsen had in a free world, having spent the night on a couch inside that bar. The next afternoon as she left the bar she was placed under arrest by the Villous County Sheriffs Office on the warrant for Worsen’ alias’ Lori Gorky.

There was not any mention of the murder charges and no media was alerted about the arrest because they did not have a murder weapon or Atria Moore. Ms. Moore was located on the 1 10th of January in Pittston, Pa a suburb of Scranton. Pa. Living with her sister. Detective Bruce Muenster of Marion County and Detective Jerry Thompson of Citrus County flew into Scranton Regional to conduct an interview. After reading her rights and making sure that she knew the penalty for perjury gave her the oath and just relaxed and let Moore gave her testimony.

Although she had not participated in any of he murders she did know about them from the time that Worsen had come home with Richard Mallory Caddy and told her that she had killed the man at which time Moore stated that she told Worsen that she did not want to hear anymore. Even though she had suspicions that Worsen was killing people she reasoned that the less she knew about the goings on the less chance there was of Aileen turning on her. On the following day Ms. Moore flew back to Florida with the detectives to assist in the investigation and to testify against Aileen.

The detectives convince Atria that a confession from Aileen would make their case airtight. The detectives arranged for Atria to speak with Aileen via phone which was being recorded. Atria was to tell Aileen that she and her family were being questioned and she thought she would be charged with the murders. It was the detectives hope that because Worsen was in love with Moore and wanted to protect her that she would confess. The only thing that Aileen would say about the situation was. “I’m only here for that concealed weapons charge in ’86 and a traffic ticket. Ell you what, man, I read the newspaper, and wasn’t one of those little suspects. ” Worsen knew the jail phones were listened to so she spoke in a ode to come up with an alibi saying, ‘IL think somebody at work where you worked at said something that it looked like us. And it isn’t us, see? It’s a case of mistaken identity. ” Finally after this had gone on for three days Worsen realized what Moore was doing and told her, “Just go ahead and let them know what you need to know what they want to know or anything and I will cover for you, because you’re innocent.

I’m not going to let you go to jail. Sites, if I have to confess, will. ” That is exactly what happened on 1 6th of January. Allen’s attorneys arranged for a plea agreement which she would enter a lea to a total of six counts of second degree murder and receive an equal number of consecutive life sentences but on state’s attorney would not go along with the deal and thought that she should receive the death penalty. Aileen Worsen went on trial for the murder of Richard Mallory on January 14, 1992.

The amount of evidence and the witnesses against her was extremely damaging starting with the Medical Examiner, Dry. Arthur Booting, who testified that from the autopsy of Mallory it had taken from 10 to 20 minutes for him to die and that it was a slow and agonizing death. The testimony of Worsen’ lesbian partner, Atria Moore, was that Aileen was not nervous, drunk, or overly upset when she describe the killing of Mallory to her. Then there were the twelve men who told of their encounters with Worsen along the highways in Florida over the years.

Another sticking point was that Florida has the Williams Rule that is a little use or known law that would allow evidence from past crimes that are related to be admitted if it shows a pattern and because of this Rule other information was presented to the jury concerning other killings that Worsen had plead guilty to. This would make Worsen’ claim of self-defense ridiculous in the Mallory death. The jury, now aware of all the murders deemed her claim of self-defense improbable after the jury was allowed to hear excerpts of her confessions that had been video-taped.

On the tape she appeared confident and not the least upset or remorseful in the story that she was telling. The conversations with the interrogators was very easy for her and she repeatedly ask her public defender to be quiet. On the video she looked directly into the camera and stated, “l took a life I am willing to give up my life because I killed people deserve to die. ” (AP. 992) The jury found Aileen Worsen guilty of the murder of Mallory and sentenced her to death. The one thing that needs to be addressed and dispelled in that Aileen Worsen was not the first female serial killer.

Women have been killing men serially for as long as men have although for the most part their victims are usually family members or someone that they know and more often than not use poison as their method of killing. Aileen Worsen killed people with a gun and although this is an unusual approach for women to take it is not unprecedented. It must also be noted that the media seized upon the fact hat Aileen had been a prostitute and over exaggerated and the claim the Aileen had sex with more than 250,000 men is utterly impossible as it would take her to have sex with 35 men a day over a 20 year period for this number to be obtained.

We have examined the life of Aileen Worsen and found that she was indeed a deeply troubled person who might have turned out to be a different type of person if she had been given the chance to have a better life. In this case we have learned that serial killers can indeed be made into Monsters and not be born to be one, From the execution chamber Aileen Worsen’ last rods were, just like to say limb sailing with the Rock and I’ll be back like Independence Day with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mother ship and all.

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