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In the end, I will be examining how well you argue your ridiculous solution. The best essay will have an incredibly absurd solution while also offering a highly effective rationale. I welcome any innovative strategies, but it may help to use some of Swifts satirical methods in “A Modest Proposal. ” The fun does not stop at the essay, however. What good will come from only your teacher hearing your proposal? The second part of the assignment is to prepare a 5 minute presentation to the class that outlines your topic and accompanying reports. The use of visuals (e. G. Power Point) is encouraged, but not necessary.

This will be a great practice for the senior Project Presentations. In the end, your goal is to demonstrate to your audience the necessity of the proposal and why it is should be enacted. Happy proposing and Good Luck! Draft 1 of Paper due date: Monday, April 22 , 2013 Presentation due date: Friday, April 26, 2013 Final Paper due date: Friday, April 26,201 3 Remember, while your solution should be absurd and shocking, it should provoke readers to realize that the current approach to this problem is not irking, and that there are other less drastic, more humane solutions to the situation.

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It is important that the structure of your essay follow Swifts. The following is an outline to keep you focused. Structure and format your essay EXACTLY like Swifts: ; title your essay A Modest Proposal; ; create a subtitle that highlights the issue at hand; ; describe the situation and the problems it causes; use vivid details; ; present your “modest” proposal, describing its implementation fully; ; list all of the benefits that would come of adopting it; use vivid details ; finally, issues a solution that really might work to solve the problem and explain why this realistic solution will never work, given what you know.

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