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The organization’s structure alps to determine the division of tasks, the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the organization, and the reporting lines of staff through their managers. When the organizational structure matches with the tasks and the purpose of the organization, they are said to have achieved a strategic fit where the organization is operating at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Information technology systems support organizations by linking the individuals within them to facilitate (1 ) communication, (2) decision-making, and (3) coordination.

Information technology Systems are designed by valuating the culture of the organization and understanding the flow of tasks between individuals and between functional areas. Within the IT system design, it is important to consider what the various stakeholders within the organization need of the system, including how they want to interact with the system and how their work is supported by the system. In today’s complex and interconnected world where global commerce is supported by globally distributed work, IT systems and knowledge workers are increasingly expected to be able to coordinate activities across organizations.

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In 1ST 301, Information and Organizations, students will learn the basic principles of organizational design, including the various ways an organization can be structured, the importance of culture in determining underlying rules and values for the organization, and the relationship of tasks and information flows as they support decision-making and activities. Students will also gain a better appreciation for the importance of diversity within the organization, as well as explore the role that organizational ethics plays in the operations of the organization.

From an IT systems design perspective, students will learn how IT systems can purport individuals, teams, and distributed work. Students will explore the way that information collected in one part of the organization can be combined with information collected elsewhere to inform the organization’s employees and decision-makers. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of 1ST 301, students will be to accomplish the following: 1.

Organizational Structure ? Students will be able to analyze the organizational structure of a variety of organizations based on the characteristics of organizational design, information processing, and information flow. 2. Organizational Culture – Students will be able to analyze n organization’s culture, including underlying rules, values, and norms regarding power and politics, gender and diversity, and global differences. 3. Organizational Ethics – Students will be able to identify ethical issues underlying a given situation. 4.

Organizational Decision Making – Students will be able to identify relevant stakeholders and anticipate the types of information needed to support organizational tasks and decision making at multiple levels in the organizational structure. 5. Distributed Work – Students will be able to describe the difference between individual work and strutted work, including tasks, decision making, and information needs. Prerequisites: 1ST 21 0, 1ST 220 Teamwork A key to your success will depend upon your ability to be a team player. Slackers beware! You cannot pass this class unless you pull your weight.

Should you prove to be a drag on your team’s performance, I reserve the right to remove you from the team at which point you will have to complete the team assignments individually. The highest course grade that you can receive under these circumstances is a D. Course Grading Information You will be evaluated on a combination of items including: Assignments & Exams Points Breakdown Total Puts per Category Description Reading Focus Questions 5 or 10 puts. Each 85 Each student answers questions pertaining to each reading. Case Assignment Questions Most are 5 puts. 55 Each student answers case study questions pertaining to each case study.

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