MBA Programme Handbook Assignment

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You will receive a certificate and academic transcript detailing your achievement and bearing the Cardiff Metropolitan University crest. The Programmer Committee consists of all lecturers on the programmer, elected student representatives, administrative staff. The Cardiff Met appointed Moderator (an academic member of staff from Cardiff Metropolitan University) will also attend one programmer committee meeting per year. The Programmer Committee is chaired by the Programmer Director who is responsible to the Programmer Committee for the effective operation of the Programmer.

The Programmer Director will call three formal programmer committee meetings per year. Early in the programmer the student body will be asked to elect some of their members to represent their views at programmer committee meetings and through other appropriate channels. Cardiff Metropolitan University and SIT genuinely value the views of students on all aspects of the quality of their learning experience. Therefore, students should make the most of the student representative system, although it would be counter-productive to use it simply to air petty or trivial grievances.

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Regular meetings of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee will also be held and this will provide a forum for an open exchange of views between students ND staff. These meetings will take place at least twice per academic session and it is expected that Student Representatives will be in attendance, though other members of the student body are also encouraged to attend. All students will be asked to complete programmer/module evaluation forms during their studies and this information, alongside feedback via the Staff- Student Committee and Student Representatives, will be utilized by the Programmer Director in reviewing programmer.

Issues identified will be considered at Programmer Committee meetings and action taken as appropriate. Lectures Formal lectures are used for the transfer of basic subject material. Most staff make their lecture notes available on Cardiff Meet’s virtual learning environment called Blackboard and students are able to download material as necessary, Blackboard should not be seen as a substitute for attending. Lectures provide an opportunity to deliver a broad overview of a topic and to initiate further research and study by students for tutorials, seminars and private study.

Directed Reading Students are expected to undertake significant directed reading in all aspects of the programmer. All Cardiff Met students, including those studying at a ratter institution, have access to the university’s electronic resources. Guidelines on accessing these resources are available at: http://TSR. ICC. AC. UK/Learning/Library/allelic/Pages/default. Asp* Tutorials Tutorial sessions are used to reinforce material presented by the other methods and to clear up possible misconceptions.

Tutorials enable students to build on their understanding of the subject gained via the lecture and preparatory readings. Tutorials also provide an environment in which you are able to clarify queries and raise questions about the subject. It is also likely hat you will be asked to prepare presentations and you will receive formative feedback on assessed activities. Case Studies Case studies present realistic examples and by study, research and discussion students are expected to gain insights into problems that they might otherwise not encounter.

Assessment Written examinations, essays and presentations. It is essential when writing essays, examination papers or any form of assignment to write good English. If you do not express yourself accurately and correctly, then you will almost certainly lose marks. Writing essays and assignments allows students to demonstrate their own ideas and understanding of a topic. The HARVARD method of referencing is recommended by Cardiff Metropolitan University, regardless of the type of dissertation or assignment which is written.

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