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Managing Time Wisely To manage time wisely one has to take one’s responsibilities then prioritize them in the order of importance. One should know what is expected of them on a daily and weekly basis. One needs to set aside time on a daily basis to accomplish their assignments. Being organized and focused helps to accomplish the many tasks one has daily. One should schedule breaks throughout the day to keep from being overwhelmed and feeling the pressures of stress.

Some may be able to function with 5-6 hours of sleep and others require more. Be sure to get the rest and nutrition that one’s body needs to function properly. One may choose to use a daily or weekly planner, or a portable device to get them on schedule. One needs to have balance between work, school, and one’s personal life. When one makes a list of the daily tasks, one can see where time may be wasted or not used wisely. When you write papers for your various classes, it may seem like a convenient easy way out to plagiarize.

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I admit it, I would love to just copy and paste some things and get a great grade! But seriously, what kind of person does that make you? You have to rip off other people’s hard work in order to succeed? Think twice before taking the easy road, because if you get caught, then all the time and money that you’ve put into these college courses will mean nothing. Once you plagiarize people will look at you like a cheater. Who wants to be a cheater? Be honest, you only have one life, do it right.

Earn your success, don’t be a thief. If you are not academically honest and are found out, it could cast doubt on the integrity of not just on that particular paper but all the potential past and future work you plan to write. Academic honesty in schools is a direct reflection of society’s general perception of hard-work, achievement, and moral standards, and therefore, extremely important. Don’t plagiarize, cheat or copy. Don’t represent someone’s work as your own.

Report those who breach these golden rules. Cheating off another persons paper, using someone else’s old paper and putting your name on it, using another’s work and presenting it as your own without citations or references, paying someone else to do your work for you; All of these constitute academic dishonesty. The student is dishonest because they aren’t doing the work themselves. They are cheating both themselves out of learning and the other students who are doing their own work honestly

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