Management Competencies Assignment

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This is a core foundation subject and as such it will provide you with grounding in key issues concerning managing in organizations. Subject Aims The overall aim of this subject is to introduce you to key themes and issues in management and marketing and primarily to develop your management skills. The focus will be on understanding the way organizations operate in their external environments and the activities which managers undertake in pursuit of management skills and develop your personal, interpersonal and team-based skills.

By doing so you will develop your knowledge of management and marketing as well as skills in analysis, problem solving, decision making and written and verbal communication. Prescribed References Wheaten, D. , & Cameron, K. (2011). Developing Management Skills – global edition (8th De. ). Prentice Hall: New Jersey. It is essential you bring your textbook to ALL classes – it is a workbook. Referred to as DMS hereafter.

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Required readings are available on-line via ALMS these will be useful for your assessment Learning Outcomes Subject Objectives To view the subject objectives and the generic skills you will develop through successful completion of this subject, please see the University Handbook: HTTPS:// app. Portal. Minimal. Due. AU/Supplication/view/2013/MGMT90140 To view the learning goals, generic skills and graduate attributes for your degree, please locate he University Handbook entry for your degree at: http://handbook. Minimal. Due. U/ Generic Skills In this subject you will have the opportunity to develop important generic skills. These include: 3 Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, developed through reflection, case studies, experiential activities and assignments; Research skills developed through preparation of exercises and assessment; Verbal and written communication skills, developed through discussion, experiential activities and assessment; Ethical thinking and work practice skills in management, through experiential activities and case studies.

Awareness Issues At a broader level, studying this subject will increase your awareness of issues such as: 0 importance of ethics in organizations. Prerequisites This subject has no prerequisites. Academic Staff Contact Details Seminar Leader Contact Details Your coordinator for Management Competencies is Heather Round. Email: [email protected] Due. AU Location: Level 10, the Spot Phone: 0410 691207 Consultation Hours: by appointment Email Protocol Please note that we are only able to respond to student emails coming from a University email address.

Please do not use personal email addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail or even business email addresses. Emails from non-university email addresses may be filtered by the University’s spam filter, which means that we may not receive your email. All correspondence relating to this subject will only be sent to your University email address. Note that you must first activate your University email address before you can send or receive emails at that address. You can activate your email account at this link: http://accounts. Minimal. Due. AU/.

While academic staff endeavor to address queries received via email, it is more appropriate to resolve substantive questions during seminars and during normal consultation hours. With 4 this in mind, we encourage students to attend all seminars and to familiarize themselves with the consultation hours offered by the seminar leader in this subject. Seminars Seminar Times Please refer to the handbook for seminar times HTTPS://handbook. Minimal. Due. AU/view/2013/MGMT90140 Seminar Participation Requirements The majority of the seminars revolve around skill assessment, skill learning, skill analysis, practice, and skill application.

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