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Assignment 1: StaffingCase: Madness at Moosehead University| Assumptions| * Inefficient workflow. * Poor quality education. * Faculty members have overwhelming duties and responsibilities. | Issues| * University will be subjected to a severe funding cut. * Politicians and civil servants are responding to ongoing pressure from students’ parents and other taxpayers. | Analysis| * Base on all of the assumptions and issues the performances of the faculty members need to be assess. * The university need more feedback from students and need analyzing base on the workflow. Overall it needs a strategic process of job analyzing from the individual to the entire workflow process. | Recommendations| * Determine the job or process to be analyzed to the degree, which the selected job is central or critical, ability of job analysts and other resources, and the availability of external performance benchmarks for faculty jobs. * Determine the cost, time, flexibility, reliability, and acceptance through observations, questionnaires, feedbacks, and analyzing workflow. Define and formalize new methods and performance standards for the job process. | Pros: * University employees might start showing progress. * Ministry might consider the re-evaluation and decide not to cut fund. * Acknowledge more efficient workflow. * Better ideas along planning and analyzing. * Preparations for the next contract * Efficient workflow and quality education. | Cons: * Student Riot. * More angry parents and taxpayers. * Number of students drop out or possible school transfer. Jeopardize the students’ future. * Ruin school’s reputation. * Possible strike on the employees. * Ministry might not consider the job re-evaluation. | Implementation| * Establish a process of 360 evaluations by providing observation, questionnaires, journals, reports, meetings, and outputs on the regular basis. * Maintain the new methods and re-evaluate. * Be consistent with the changes and provide more efficient and reasonable workflow. * Take an immediate action to any students’ issue that may arise. |

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