Macroeconomics: Issues Relating to National Income Assignment

Macroeconomics: Issues Relating to National Income Assignment Words: 308

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization Department J©r©my Roger Examiner Unit Controller / Contact Number E-Mail Assignment Overview . 8299 . Jeremy. [email protected] Du. My This is a group assignment (of not more than five students), aimed at achieving a deeper understanding and analysis of the various macroeconomic issues relating to national income, inflation, unemployment, balance of payments and so on.

Students are expected to use the analytical tools to compare developed and developing economies and evaluate the similarities and differences. You are required to choose two countries, one developed and one developing country. Using all the economic indicators, you are expected to make a comparison between the two groups. You must also look into the major sectors of the economies, e. G. , manufacturing, agricultural, service etc. You must understand the countries’ trading partners and the nature of trade.

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All the data must be collected for at least four years and the data must be submitted in the appendix. You are required to prepare a power point presentation of your assignment. The presentation will last 15 minutes. Objectives Upon the completion of the assignment, students must: Identify the factors responsible for the development of an economy (identify the macroeconomic issues discussed in class and their role in the development of an economy). Elaborate the role of Human Capital towards the development process. Use the country examples to substantiate your point). Sustainability and future respects. Your own recommendations/ conclusion Marking Criteria Macroeconomics: Issues Relating to National Income, Inflation, Unemployment, and Balance of Payments By westward Submission Criteria You are required to submit a type written report of not more than 3000 words. However, you are graded for the quality! Facts provided in your report should be followed by analysis based on your macroeconomic knowledge. Your report MUST BE WELL REFERENCED based on Harvard referencing.

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