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Assignment number / title Due date Assignment 1 14 April 2015 If this assignment has been completed by a group or team: 1. Each student in the group must complete and sign a separate form; 2. The assignment will be returned to the student in the group nominated below. * This assignment was completed in a group or team: No (circle or delete as necessary) The assignment should be returned to the student named on this form: Yes (circle or delete as necessary) Plagiarism and Collusion Plagiarism occurs when a student passes off as the student’s own work, or copies thou acknowledgement as to its authorship, the work of another person.

Collusion occurs when a student obtains the agreement of another person for a fraudulent purpose with the intent of obtaining an advantage in submitting an assignment or other work. Work submitted may be reproduced and/or for the purpose of detecting plagiarism and collusion. “l certify that the attached work is entirely my own (or, where submitted to meet the requirements of an approved group assignment, is the work of the group), except where material quoted or paraphrased is acknowledged in the text.

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I also declare that it has not been submitted for assessment in any other unit or course. ” Student’s signature: Eric Rodriguez Date: An assignment will not be accepted for assessment if the declaration appearing above has not been signed by the author. If submitted online, it must be completed and attached to your submission; your attaching it is taken as your having signed it. If the assessment task involves group work, marks will be allocated only to students in the group who have completed and submitted a copy of this form.

If you are unable to sign this form, please contact a member of the teaching team or the unit to discuss the issues that prevent you from doing so. You are advised to retain a copy of your work until the original has been assessed and collected by you. 1. Qualitative versus Quantitative Research (1000 words) Definition and comparisons (40%) There are two types of collecting data for research, which are qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative research is used to gain a thorough explanation about a phenomena, and ‘is normally recognizable via the use of methods that include, at least, in-depth interview and group-moderation quenches’ (Bailey 2013) The dearth of qualitative research is appropriate in the constructivist world for enriching and adding depth to the understanding of organizational justice concerns in public accounting practice. Highlighted 2012) ‘Employing a qualitative methodology, underpinned by a constructivist world view, has provided the means to generate rich, deep and conceptualized understandings of the research issue, and an appreciation of the socially constructed and experienced realities of the participants. ‘ (Highlighted 2012) Quantitative research is Examples for each (20%) Analysis of the specific circumstances where each approach is likely to be relevant or suitable and how these approaches in each question may interrelate with each other. 40%) ‘Given the quantitative orientation of accountants and the tendency in financial accounting research to use large databases, it had been expected that accountants would exhibit a greater tendency towards the use of statistical data analysis than their non-accountant colleague’ (Brown 2006) 2. Cross sectional versus Longitudinal research (1 Rewords) with each other. (40%)

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