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This case sheds light on the major drivers of IT investment: those investments targeted at improving operational efficiencies and those focused on entrenching a firm’s strategic position. The case highlights the IT investment strategies of two of the world’s largest financial institutions, HASH and Citreous. 1. How could HASH and Citreous Justify their multi-billion dollar annual investments in IT? 2. How would you assess IT investment strategies at HASH and Citreous? Do they invest in IT primarily as a way of cutting costs and improving their operational efficiencies, or do they invest strategically with a view to entrenching their competitive positions? 3.

In your opinion, which of the two bank is cleverer in its IT investments? Business Intelligence Software at CISCO The large food service company CISCO has decided to purchase business intelligence (81) software, a technology intended to provide superior monitoring and analysis capabilities. Twill Day, assistant visit president of technology and applications, is in charge of the Blob project and at the time of the case must determine exactly now much software to buy. After conferring with Business Object, the Blob application’s vendor, CISCO has decided to initially configure the software and train employees to address only a limited questions. Assignment Questions 1.

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What will be the biggest obstacles faced by the business intelligence implementation as it expands throughout CISCO? 2. Why did CISCO decide to initially address only two questions with its new Blob software, rather than using it as a more general analysis tool in the operating companies? 3. Why did Business Objects recommend this approach? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Will effective use of Blob software ever be a competitive differentiator for CISCO? Wouldn’t it be draughtswoman to another food service company to also purchase and implement similar software? 4. How much software should Day purchase at this time? Mantel’s Toy Recalls The case provides a basis for discussion of outsourcing and supply chain management.

While the case is not about outsourcing an IT function, it ankles discussion of why companies outsource, appropriate use of inspection antedating, and examine repose too crisis situation. The Matter toy manufacturing process is fairly simple, providing a forum for discussing these issues without the complication of advanced manufacturing or an involved supply chain. 2. What are the reasons that cause the toy recalls in Matter? Do these reasons have to do with supply chain outscoring? Amazon. Com: The Brink of Bankruptcy Amazon. Com is a case of one of the many entrepreneurial start-ups that grew rapidly during the mid- to late-sass. Like many of its “dot-com” counterparts, the company found itself on the brink of bankruptcy in early 2001. Many are aware that the company survived but few understand how it survived.

This story provides an excellent backdrop for defining and analyzing the business model of a company and how it evolves over time. 1. How would you rate Jeff Bozos as an entrepreneur? How would you rate him as an operating manager? 2. Trace the evolution of the Amazon. Com business from the company’s launch in 1995 to the dotcom collapse in 2000. How did the company’s strategy change over time? How did capabilities evolve? What value did it deliver to all stakeholders? 3. Do you agree with the decision to pursue the Toys “R” Us deal? Why did the company do the deal? Should they do more deals like this? What impact does the Toys “R” Us deal have on Amazon. Coma’s business model in early 2000? Google Inc.

The case provides an overview of Google’s strategy and organization as of early 2010. The introduction describe Google’s January 2010 launch of a Google-branded mobile phone, embodying Google’s development of yet another mechanism to distribute its lucrative search advertisements. Assignment Questions 1. What were the key factors behind Google’s success? 2. Do you expect the search business to become mere concentrated (dominated by fewer firms)? Is search a winner-take-all business? 3. In renewing its deal with AOL, could Google afford to pay AOL more than 100% of the revenue generated from AOL searches? How did Microsoft’s maximum affordable id for All’s search traffic compare to Google’s?

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