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| Unit 3 Assignment| LS311- Business Law| | In this paper I will go over three different scenarios and discuss the types of crimes that took place. | Scenario 1 While passing Makoto’s house one night, Sarah see a laptop computer left unattended on Makoto’s porch. Sarah takes the computer, carries it home, and tells everyone she owns it. In this scenario the crime is larceny. Larceny is the unlawful taking and carrying away of someone else’s property with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of their possession. Roger LeRoy Miller, 2008) It would not be like burglary because there was no breaking and entering involved and it would not be considered a robbery because the items were not taken by force. Scenario 2 While passing Makoto’s house one night, Sarah sees Makoto outside with a laptop computer. Holding Makoto at gunpoint, Sarah forces him to give up the computer. Then Sarah runs away with it. In this scenario the crime would be considered Robbery.

Robbery is defined as the taking of cash property and or any other article of value by means of force or fear. (Roger LeRoy Miller, 2008) Had she not used fear or force for the item then it would not have been classified as a burglary the other factor surrounding how the item was obtained would have determined what type of crime this was. Scenario 3 While passing Makoto’s house one night, Sarah sees a laptop computer on a desk near a window. Sarah breaks the lock on the front door, enters, and leaves with the computer.

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This scenario is clearly a burglary. Burglary is breaking and entering the dwelling of another at night with the intent to commit a felony. (Roger LeRoy Miller, 2008) Some of the factors that make this different from the other two scenarios is the fact that it was done at night and she broke in with the intent to get that laptop. Bibliography Roger LeRoy Miller, G. A. (2008). Fundamental of Business Law I. In R. L. Miller, ; G. A. Jentz, Fundamentals of Business Law I (p. 125-128). Ohio.

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