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Based on your profile from the Personal Values Assessment, describe three important values that guide your work and life. Were you surprised by the results? What would you add from your own thoughts about what is important to you as you lead and work? Upon completing the personal values assessment, I found it very difficult to pick just 10 values that describe me best. However, among those I selected, firmly believe that the three most important values that guide both my work and life include family, health, and commitment. Now, it is no mistake that place family and health before commitment.

It is both from the journey of life and personal experiences that rank family and health as the most crucial values that guide my life. In fact, view both family and health as the foundation of commitment at work and in my ever day life. From a very young age, I have seen firsthand how imperative it is place devotion to family above everything in life, hence why chose family as two of my main groups in which I lead in life in the previous assignment. The only way I can really express my reason for such values is through a personal story.

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With that being said, was only six years old when I had to experience true hurt and heartache, something most children should never have to bear. My big sister was molested at just 10 years old, and from that point forward my families love and patience was truly tested. Through countless tears, counseling and court trials the only thing that got my family and I through such heartache was the support and love of each other, and that was not an easy task. As much as we loved each other, even our counselor said that we are special. Most families that experience this are torn apart forever.

However, my parents were the glue to our family through it all. Together, they remained positive and were tenacious. They were truly Mother Bear and Papa Bear to the Max, relentless in the courts until my sister could sleep peacefully at night. It is for this reason I am forever devoted to my family. It was not easy knowing the hurt my sister went through, and how strangers knew our personal details of our lives. But, as the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It is through this and other family experiences that I am sensitive yet motivated in life and at work.

I do not settle for good enough, and always look ten steps ahead to be the best Seibel version of myself and excel at professionally. When I think of health, think of family and impact poor health can have on your loved ones. When I was in high school my father had his first, yes first, heart attack. As a result of the damage his heart had weakened and he eventually had two more heart attacks and became diabetic. Seeing my dad is such a bad place forever damaged my own heart, yet instilled in me the value behind a healthy lifestyle.

The assessment revealed the most accurate statement, stating “you place value on both physical and mental well-being and the efforts take to Stay in good condition”. This could not be closer to the truth. NO matter how hard or stressful work and life can get, I never pass up a chance to eat balanced meals, and stay conditioned so I do not experience what my father has. More importantly, I have used this drive to lead not just my father but my entire family to focus on their health and teach them how to live a balanced lifestyle.

With all this being said, I was not surprised by the results from my personal values assessment. It revealed all that was important to me including family, health, dedication, kindness, relationships, and abiding by y moral compass. Firmly believe God does not give you more than you can handle in life. Every day my sole goal is to see everything in a positive light, and learn from every experience in life and work. At the end of the day, if can pass this view along to just one person, than I consider myself a successful leader.

But who am I as a leader? I am just an average girl with endless dreams who seeks independence yet strives to maintain her values with the hope that such values inspire others throughout their lives. I want to be someone who others looks up to, a mentor, a leader both personally and professionally. It just as my assessment revealed, I look to “build confidence in others and wanting others to feel they can rely on me”. GO through the HUBS article on leadership theories, slides and identify at least two of the perspectives on leadership.

What resonates most for you? Which perspectives capture some of the effective leaders you have seen and which do you feel would be useful in guiding you as a leader? The leadership perspectives that resonate most with me include both responsible leadership through chapter two slides and the behavioral approach to leadership noted in the HUBS article on leadership theories. Responsible leadership stuck out to me most because it relies solely on developing both values and ethics which relates heavily to my career as an accountant.

As an auditor for Financial Institutions, in order to thrive and progress as a professional it is imperative that I remember “how I lead is determined by what I value”. However, this does not mean to just simply focus on professional ethics required by FAST. It is my professional obligation to also practice individual, societal and organizational ethics. The behavioral approach to leadership drew my attention as well because it emphasizes the difference between what ineffective and effective leaders actually do on the job.

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