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A little before the session started Professor stated to write down our introductions and what he wanted to be included in the introductions. During the first couple of minutes the professor covered important details to help us throughout the course such as: *Reading ahead of time *Be present for the live sessions *Post discussion questions *Understand the chapters to be able to complete the test The professor went over the class syllabus to give us a better understanding of what is expected for the course.

Explained the hours of availability and his contact information for further questions. The professor went over his bio to let us know a little about him and his studies as well as his experience in the field. Right after that he went over the learning outcomes in which he explained with detail how it is expected to describe the determination if supply and demand, that we should be able to understand the national income accounting system, and to know how to distinguish between monetary and the fiscal policies.

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Also, to understand the importance of macroeconomic policy and how it has influence in the business cycle when inflation as to demonstrate knowledge in terms of the monetary and bank systems as to identifying economic progress. Briefly after that the professor went over the course requirements, as to our participation in class, completion of our exams and quizzes and TU turn in all of our assignments in time. He briefly notes the grading factor of the class and the possible total points.

Right after he went over the lass outline and how midterm and finals will be on Saturdays, and the time that will be open for as well as topics that will be included in the quizzes and midterms. Also, requirements for the final paper and to be prepared for the reviews for the final test that will be posted for limited time as well. Professor started with the first lecture in chapter one, and explained principles that have to be understood such as: *how individuals make choices *interaction of individual choices *economy wide interactions

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