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The lecture I attended for the Learn outside of the classroom assignment was After Learning: Education on a Hot Planet by DRP. Bennett Ramsey. He discussed ways in where our culture should provide students with the knowledge, skills and perspective necessary to meet today’s challenges. He stated that the world of education is rooted in economic root of fantasy growth for prosperity, but we are not growing because we re hitting limits.

Growth economically can be best productive when in a world worth living in. As he was talking, he kept saying that how everything is based off of economics and that we should think of moral integrity. We only think of ourselves, and we have to realize as humans, we are the most intelligent species, so we have to think of the animals, and how our actions affect the ecosystem. He gave an example of how we are focused on ourselves that we are affecting others countries. In the

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Foxing plant which is located in China had at least fourteen workers committed suicide due to the harsh work conditions, so there were suicide nets placed outside of the windows, and the workers were forced sign pledges not to commit suicide. He also stated that Earth is pushed beyond its limits; we are using 1. 5 million of the planet’s resourced causing us to be in an environmental crisis. We are in an anthropogenic age meaning the activities we do in our daily lives affects the ecosystem, which will eventually hurts us in the future.

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