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L. Objectives: a. Write the Roman Numerals for a given Hindu – Arabic numeral and vice versa. B. Master the rules for writing Roman Numerals. C. Show appreciation for the history and origin of number. II. Subject Matter Roman Numerals References: Mathematics in a challenging world up. 35-41 Ill. Procedure: Teacher’s Activity a. Daily Routine Let’s pray first Students can lead the prayer? Thank you Good Morning children! I’ll check the attendance first. Who is absent today? Did you know the reason why he is absent today? Okay thank you, but before we proceed to our main lesson let’s review what we issued yesterday.

How do we use rounding numbers? B. Motivation Roman Numeral Seeking Do you want to play a game? Okay listen to my instruction carefully, you need to seek a pictures that involving in Roman Numeral inside the classroom. The game starts now. The game is over. What Roman Numeral did you see class? Student 5 gives me what you saw? Very good! Student 10, 13 c. Lesson Proper Our lesson for today is all about Roman Numerals. Roman Numerals are not widely used but used often enough so you should be able to read or interpret them. Table of Roman Numerals

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Arabic x c Roman 10 50 1 ,oho 5 A letter of greater value subtract from it. L=50 & 100 xx=90 A letter of equal or lesser value add to it LSI=III Pupil’s Activity Yes Ma’am (The students start to pray) Good Morning Ma’am! Ma’am the absent today is student 2. We don’t know Ma’am! If the nearest number is less than 5 and exactly 5 it will become lower and if the nearest number is more than 5 it will become higher. Yes Ma’am! Ma’am Clock Student 13, grade year IV. Evaluation A. Write the Roman Numerals for each Hindu – Arabic Numeral.

Write the Hindu – Arabic Numeral for each Roman Numerals. 4. 3, 498 5. 5, 859 V. Generalization: What have you learned today? Today we learned about Roman Numerals. What is the Roman numeral of 5, 10, 100, 500, & 1000 L d =500 1000 = M VI. Assignment: Read and answer the following. 1 . President Stared was proclaimed as president of the Philippine in the year 1998. What is 1998 in Roman Numerals? 2. The first Gad Panamanian Algal in Ballasts was aimed to recognize writers with significant contributions to literature in Army Philippine language in the year 1988. What is 1998 in Roman Numerals?

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