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Electronics cake it easier for children and/or adults to cause problems without having to go up to someone face to face. When one gets face to face with another, one often gets scared and backs down from the fight. While on the other hand, if one was to be on Backbone or someone was on the phone and bullying someone through a message, one is more likely say things that he/she would normally not say in person. A lot of people use cell phones to get out of conversations they want to avoid in person. Normally, in a household, dinner is a time to sit down and have a family talk bout how everyone’s day may have been.

Since electronics and computers have invaded our generation dinners have often became the cell phone time around the table. Psychologists say that children that are more concentrated in school are often the children that have regular family meals and conversations. Psychologists also say that children ranging between the ages six and eleven that do not get into much trouble in school also have regular family meals. Children who have regular family interactions and meetings tend to be ten percent more engaged in school. Children also decrease their ad behavior by eight percent if they have two to four family meetings per week(Daily Mail).

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Electronics and computers have made respect decrease in certain situations. If one is trying to have a conversation with another and a phone goes off, one if more likely to answer a text rather than wait to reply. With this, an individual interrupts the conversation one was in, and has now shown disrespect. Generation of past have always had a respect of eye contact. Eye contact has decreased with the increase of electronics. When ones phone goes off, the individual automatically is triggered to look down and see what s on the phone. This causes eye contact to be distorted and could be easily thought of as disrespect.

Electronic use has also caused for a decrease in academics in the school system. A lot of children bring their cell phones to school and use them to interact with others through the whole school day. Also, in most schools now students are provided with a laptop to perform their school assignments on and therefore again taking away a lot of face to face interaction with other students and teachers as well. Although computers in schools allow teachers to grade tests and assignments quicker ND one has more of a research method, students abuse the right of having the computers.

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