Leigh Ann Walker Case Analysis Assignment

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After we reviewed the case of Leigh Ann Walker and discussed it as a group, we felt that Jackie Vaughn overreacted to Walker’s admission that she had been untruthful regarding the CPA exam. Walker was only trying to protect her reputation when she had told Vaughn that she had not taken the CPA exam in May and was planning on taking it in November. She had been given a great opportunity in her mind to start her career working with a well-respected individual within the company such as Jackie Vaughn.

In Vaughn mind, she didn’t want to waste such an opportunity, so he was going to do everything possible to make sure that she did an adequate Job and to impress her superior in every way she could. When the question came up on whether she took the CPA exam, she had reason to assume that she had failed the test in May, so she was only trying to impress Vaughn by telling her that she was planning on taking it in June instead of telling her that she thought the first test was a failure. If we were in the same situation, we would’ve handled the situation differently had we been in Jackie Vaughn position.

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The biggest mistake that we found with the way Vaughn handled the situation was that she did not talk to Walker directly about how she felt, and she didn’t tell her what she wanted to happen before going to upper management. After Vaughn heard the news about Walker passing the CPA exam, she became irritated and didn’t talk to Walker for a few days after that. What we would have done in Vaughn place was to talk to Walker about the situation a day after Vaughn heard the news. This way they could both share their sides of the story, and make sure that there wasn’t a misunderstanding between the two.

If after they met and talked about it, and Vaughn still felt the same way, then we think it would be alright to talk about it with upper management. However, going straight to the top with the news and requesting that Walker be fired is out of the question in our minds. This is because Walker is new to the company, and there is pressure to try a make a good first impression with your fellow employees. Also, because Walker had passed the CPA exam and was such a great student makes her a great hire with potential to become a great employee of the company.

As with Jackie Vaughn position, we also would handle the situation differently if we were in Don Roberts position. Roberts fired Walker on the basis of what Jackie Vaughn had told him. We think that Roberts decision is wrong and that Walker should not be fired. The facts are that Walker had been doing a great Job in her first few weeks, she was a great student in college, and she had Just passed her CPA exam. To fire Walker because she was only trying to protect her image and make a good first impression with her fellow employees is wrong. What we would have done was to transfer Walker too different team.

This would help Walker gain the respect of some other employees within the company and it allows the company to keep a great worker with a lot of potential. In regards to whether it is possible that one could fulfill the responsibilities of a professional role while lacking personal integrity, we decided that there are situations in which it is possible. In this case, Vaughn questions Walker’s personal as lacking “personal integrity’ in the case because she wasn’t completely honest with Vaughn, then we decided that it is possible for someone to work in a professional role effectively.

Walker continued to do an adequate Job while working on her assignment even though she lacked “personal integrity. ” She is able to do this because she keeps her professional integrity separate from her personal integrity. Just because she wasn’t honest to Vaughn, it doesn’t mean that she can’t fulfill her Job duties. She doesn’t lose any of her capabilities Just because she wasn’t completely honest. On the other hand, although lacking “personal integrity’ may not affect someone’s ability to perform their Job duties, we decided that it doesn’t make your Job any easier.

For example, if a person repeatedly tells lies to employees, or only looks after themselves instead of their fellow employees, then it would make their Job harder. This is because the way you treat other co-workers affects the way that they treat you. If you can’t do a favor for a co-worker, then it is less likely that they will help you out when you may need them in the future because they will remember the time when you didn’t want to help him or her out. More than likely, there will be times when you may need advice or a favor from one of your co-workers, and lacking “personal integrity’ will not make your Job any easier.

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