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Re-evaluate the lifelessness of the assessment process and I I I plan for future formative assessments. Enrich and Re-teach Leadership Team In today’s fast paced educational world strong emphasize is on data driven results and ensuring that students have a clear understanding of concepts and objectives. Developing a strong leadership team that is made up of members who are able to help visualize and implement the goals of the organization is essential. To successfully implement an Enrich and Re-teach strategy there are several key members.

Administrators lead the charge by collaborating with the team to develop the improvement plan and ensure the continuity in the implementation and outcomes of the plan. Teachers play an essential part of the leadership team. They instruct the students on the concepts, as well as gather the assessment data by sampling students understanding through the formative process. Teachers then repeat the process through enriching/re-teaching the concepts a second time, reassessing then providing targeted interventions for dents who need it.

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Students are active participants by studying and learning concepts they are being taught. Another critical member of the leadership team is the Student Achievement Teacher (SAT). The Stats role is to collect all formative data, analyze the results, present the data to teaching teams and help plan the enrich and re-teach intervention. Finally, district office personnel play a key a part of the leadership team by providing the formative assessments for different subject teams, ensuring consistency in curriculum calendars and state aligned rigor for all concepts and performance objectives.

The objective of the Enrich and Re-teach Core Subjects Leadership Team is to be able to identify what data needs to be collected and how to use it, develop and write formative assessments, and implement re-teach and enrichment programs successfully all while an administrator oversees the team to ensure the program is a success. In conclusion when creating a cohesive and well rounded leadership team there needs to be a diverse population of internal and external stakeholders.

The internal stakeholders are administrator, teachers, students, district office personnel, and student achievement team teacher. External stakeholders such as parents and guardians play a supporting role to the leadership team. Parents are encouraged to review student weekly progress and provide support to their student by working with them at home on assignments. It is crucial to the success of the model to require staff members to be part of the Enrich and Re- teach Leadership Team in order to gain various perspectives and ensure success.

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