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The assignment is based on Alit Mood who is an Indian Cricket administrator as well as a reputed businessman of India. He really worked very hard for bringing Indian premier league in international level and today Pl is craze among the people of the world. He is also worked as a vice president of BCC and vice president for Punjab Cricket Association. Apart from all these Mood is also the President and managing director of Mood enterprises and also the executive director of Godlier Phillips India.

This paper tells the leadership style and way of middling that how Mood handles his organization and whether he is a successful leader or not. His trait and behavior is also shown. His style really worked out here, but the way he works is differ. Keywords: Pl- Indian Premier League BCC – Board of Control for Cricket in India Biography L alit Mood is a product from good wealthy business and his father Krishna Kumar Mood who was the chairman of Mood enterprises at that time. Mood did his schooling from Bishop public school at Shimmy.

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After such he continued his schooling from United States, and after that he wrote SAT which is useful for entering into colleges and universities from other countries to India. He did his studies also from Duke Universities in Durham, which is located at North Carolina, US. He claimed for highest tax payer in India for the fiscal year 2009 to 2010; he paid RSI. 8 core for that year. PL L alit Mood was former chair person of DEL PL. PL was started in India during April 2008 and become as much as bigger as T 20 world cup.

It is a game of cricket for 20 over’s in which all international and local players will altogether plays for club. Till today there are 8 teams in PL and from next year’s 2 more teams will also be included in this. During this year it becomes the first sporting events which show its live telecasts on you tube. During 2009 this event held in South Africa which makes more name of this event profiting total IIS$4 dollar. Mood was compared to Don King after the huge success of this event.

Alit Mood as a leader showed Legitimate Power in the organization where he worked. He did certain wrong things and also certain bad things. He violated certain laws and goes beyond certain ethics. He has certain characters which matched his trait approach: Task completion Risk taking He took certain risks to reach to the certain level in the organization. There were certain ups and downs he faced to reached at the stage. Drive to exercise initiatives in certain social situations as Pl gave various platforms in social sectors.

Self Confidence, it is not easy for any person for reaching certain milestone without self confidence, Mood filled himself up with full of confidence and reached to certain successful stage Following are some reasons which mismatch his trait approach: Willingness tolerate frustrations and delay, he has the power to accept all those things. But sometimes he will go beyond the decisions which were taken by entire team and it was one of the most important reasons for his failure over there.

He was also sometimes not ready to absorb the stress on his mind As a leader Alit Mood has the following important traits: He is intelligent, really used his brain for reaching at certain level He had certain self confidence, which is one of major trait an reason for his succession in the pitch Sociability, he has some good social relations with people like Priest Zinnia and another business giant Visas Malay, he co-operate well with such type of people in the organization He is a determinant person and got the job in the proactive nature.

He fails for the Integrity factor as he is not honest for the concerned and particular thing in PL as he didn’t follow certain principles and ethics. Alit Mood has the following personality: He is openness Also agreeableness Extroversion He is extroversion as he shows certain positive features and also some of extroversion energy. Apart from this he is emotionally intelligent person with certain intelligence, which shows better thinking and which was concerned with information. He has better thinking ideas and he posses with full of knowledge and skills.

The trait approach which Mood used over there will really worked well for entire organizations and turn out in huge profit for the organization and through this it will also be helpful for the sponsors DEL This approach is used for personal awareness and development of the organization which shows and measures the quality of organization. Through this approach it makes some benchmarks for the organization and also certain achievements over there. Alit Mood is also a skillful person and the way he worked in the organization ill definitely shows that he is having certain technical skills.

He also maintained certain conceptual skills which show that he is able to work with certain ideas and new techniques. He worked with the Top Management Skills whereas a human and conceptual skill plays a dominant role in his life. He gave much more importance to Human skills as well as conceptual skills and through which he made PL a big platform for today’s TTT cricket. Here in this organization Mood shows technical ideas where he goes for only one particular things and he aimed for making huge profit.

He worked art and aimed bigger for reaching higher in peak level to observe profit, and implemented various new things in the organization. This match is technical skills in the organization. If we see his human skills he really worked with the people in the organization. He worked and implemented various ideas and knows ledges with both upper level and lower level people in the firm to make good profit and to satisfy peoples. But at some level he played with emotions of human and common publics where he cheated them and came out with certain fixings in the tournament and didn’t match with the skills which he showed earlier.

Let we see for conceptual skills which really matched his character where it shows his ability to work and to dominate more with peoples of the entire organization. Mood really worked with and deal with various types of people over there in the organization. As per example you see how he co-operates with various team owners and also the team members, another thing he supported entire team as a leader and he dealt with number of multi stars in the organization. As example you should see, This year PL broadcast in you tube live, which was really a big achievement for the entire organization as well as for entire country.

Mood telecaster movies in multiplexes which give him good profit motive and also name of PL all over the world. He used various policies and rules over there. He proved by giving the effective performance from past three years and it is going up and up from year to year. He showed his knowledge and also skills which he used while using new ideas, implementations of techniques as well as better performance. He showed various individual attributes and which brings in competencies and which results in leadership outcomes. He had various characteristics in Individual tributes such motivation to other members, the personality developing traits.

In competencies skills he proved by giving better problem solving skills as well as judgment skills where he watched the entire organization as well he had knowledge of the entire areas of the firm. As output from the organization he brings the way for effective problem solving, ex: when India where fails to launch PL, he planned and succeeded in launching in South Africa during the year 2009, which was a huge success as well as better performance continuously from past three years. This is a sign of skills available in Alit Mood.

He also motivated the entire organization members, he gave the ideas of expressions in various ways and also motivates another members. Various social activities as you see where he gave various donations for the charity and so on. He act as a confidence booster for entire team as you see during every match in PL, he cheers up the entire team cast of the organization and he used to welcome and thanks entire group of PL. Through this skill approach he shows the capability that how to manage the organization while showing various skills and also identifies the key points from he organization.

He played as a mentor in the organization for the entire team. L alit Mood was very much helpful while using this skill as he overcome from various problems which arises over there by using its knowledge perspective skills, and also various other attributes such as motivating others, coordinating with other members and so on. In case of styling of Alit Mood he is entirely based on task level as well as relationship level which are really a good thing for the entire organizations. As example you can see Alit Mood who worked and maintain a very good elation’s with all other team members as well as stakeholders of the organization.

He is also a task oriented and most complete his work in time in order to bring the entire thing in front position. While using this approach he shows his behavior level to the public which results in very friendly manner with one and everyone. He develops the organization through generating new ideas and by maintaining soft relations with everyone. He made his total positive contribution and in the way of understanding the human behavior and to maintain better relations with them. He opened a wide cope and also generated large number of ideas over there.

Through this leader can assess and came to know that what mistakes they made over and how to recover all such errors which they did already in the organization. But the one wrong thing of Alit Mood is that for some reasons his leadership will not be accepted universally and question arises for such thing and at last he had to leave his leadership criteria and he had been suspended from the organization as he shows certain inconsistencies and unstableness which they failed to maintain. Let’s talk about Alit Mood and its contingencies ways.

It is based on three factors which is: Leader- member relations Task structure Position Power But Alit fails to show about Leader member relations as he didn’t maintain the proper trust and loyalty between the members and he licked lot of things without informing to anyone in the organization. Other thing is task structure which he did while explaining clearly and parallel to everyone and so on all should clear with the way of there working and conditions. The third thing is position power and which Alit Mood misused and shows the wrong authoritative power.

This is one of the important characteristics UT he made it totally in unstructured way. He is a effective leader but while seeing the contingencies variables and while comparing with it he misused the trust of people and also their beliefs. He worked with poor relations with members of firm as well as in case of power, he misused it. This theory didn’t supports L lilt’s character from any angle and he failed to maintain it in roper way. He didn’t give adequate information to their members; he kept that entire thing confidently with him and keeps doing works with him.

He is not a perfect leader according to this approach. He showed lot of insincerity ever there as well as lack of trustworthiness and also backbiting. L alit Mood didn’t have all the characteristics that what a transformational leader should have, but his certain capability matches some skills as he used to motivate his employee members and also others and also various factors such Desire to influence Self confident Dominant Motivational factors These are the same factors which show how transformational Alit Mood was when he was CEO of PL.

Some factors which avoid him making as a transformational leader are Low Morality No connection No moral Value Management by exception No contingency So, from all such things it is clear that he is half transformational and half not. He shows non idealized influence behavior where he didn’t follows any moral and ethical decisions and he didn’t thought about the future perception and ideas, his ways is totally based for current ideas and generations and so transformational leadership will not suits him at all.

Alit Mood had all the characteristics that what an authentic leader should have as he has the following characteristic: He is high confident person as you all see earlier his value and level of confidence that how he leads the entire organization Truly optimistic Resilience person, as he took decisions of his own He understood the public needs and response of the organization that how they have to work for organizational gain and how to earn more profit, keeping public in mind.

He proved himself as a authentic leader by making PL tournament a huge success and also he shows various ideas that implemented in the tournament and which results in booming manner. He also did good for both team members and also for the public by launching such a huge game event. And also this leadership matched his characteristics as he void certain rules and isolations and also ethics which results and lose public hope from him. He also didn’t follow any team ideas and didn’t bother for team opinions which results in failure of his leadership from the tournament.

He promised a lot and did all those promises at the time of his leadership period. Conclusion: Mood was then suspended as Chairman and Commissioner of the PL. A suspension notice and a 34-page letter stating 22 charges of impropriety were served via email, to Mood. Mood was accused of, among other things, accepting a multi-million dollar kickback while assigning the telecast rights for PL matches, ND attempting to rig the bids for the two new PL teams that were auctioned the previous month.

Mood had publicly protested his innocence moments after the 2010 Indian Premier League Final had been played. But he is truly related with all the skills that what an authentic leader should have such as he is self aware of things which was not known by many peoples and also of lacking in moral reasoning, he also deals with positive psychological aspects which make him as a authentic leader.

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