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For this purpose an exempt person means the occupier, any member of his family or his employee or agent of his. Sally Is the manageress of an electrical superstore. She asks Tom, a sales assistant at the same workplace, to keep an eye on her 5-acre smallholding while she is on holiday in Spain. Tom e-mails a few of his friends to attend his 21 SST birthday party in a disused barn on Sally’s farmland. Due to a technical error, the e-mail was sent to his entire e-mail address book. Over 600 people arrive at the party and a neighboring farmer calls the police complaining about the noise.

Tom is arrested for breach of the Prohibition of Unsolicited Parties (Fictitious) Act 2010. Word limit: 2,000 words Submission date: 27 January 2014 Please ensure that you submit your assignments electronically through the Turbulent software on Blackboard and a paper copy to the College Administrative reception assignment collection box’ by pm on the stipulated submission date. Your selectmen snouts De appropriately reticence Ana snouts contain a Tulle bibliography of all sources consulted in undertaking the work.

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