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Thus, sleep is an essential for good health. Sleep is one of the most essential things a human body needs in order to function effectively. Even a short nap can benefit a tired body and give a weary mind a few minutes Of rest. A good niches sleep removes tiredness, stress, tensions and worries. Identified and correcting poor sleeping habits can help older adults to improve their well-being and quality of life. In addition, we must take in balance diet. For example, determine the food before we eat. We should plan our time to eat so that we will eat less.

A lot of people ban certain foods from their diet such as chocolate and ice-cream. Doing so will only make them crave for more, therefore do not ban them but enjoy a small portion from time to time. A food diary will enable us to identify which food or drinks that we need to cut down on and whether we are getting a balanced diet with enough food and vegetable. Furthermore, regular exercise can prevent obesity. When we exercise, our bodies will burn up all the extra calories which would otherwise be converted into fat and then lead to unwanted bulges. Being overweight carry us With it a number of other lath problems.

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Hence exercising not only keeps us trim, but it also keeps away weight-related problems. However we spend most of our time in claustrophobic classrooms and homes. As a student with loads of homework, assignments and exams, exercise seems to be a monotonous chore. Nonetheless, healthy experts prescribe exercise as a prerequisite for a long healthy life, as saying goes, ‘a life free from diseases and ailments. Besides that, we should go to a clinic or hospital for regular medical check up. We also can check blood circulation, level of cholesterol, heart ache and others.

If our blood circulation is in good condition, the capacity of blood to carry oxygen is increased. At the same time, payment of a clinic is cheap especially the 1 Malaysia Clinic. The clinic is really helpful for people who are not wealthy and the equipment of the clinic are satisfactory. Moreover, stay away from things that may harm us. For example, illegal racing, drugs, smoking and others. The killer thing that is very dangerous is drug because drug can kill everybody regardless of color and religion. So stay away from drug as drug is addictive. Becquerel about whom we mix with. Reuse a hobby, participate in sports and other co-curricular activities. Taking drug will not solve our problems but it will only increase them and make us a social misfit. We will end up being a burden to our own family, friend and society. In a nutshell, life is precious moment from God. It is the duty of every individual to value the moment. Keeping fit is therefore our responsibility Shirking from our responsibility indicates either we are ignorance or indifference. We have to get our priorities right before we become victims of our own careless habits.

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