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There was a stereotype that all people that grew up from the slums turned out to be a bad person or a killer. E) I feel like the room temperature played a role in the decision because realized that because it was hot and uncomfortable in there, they just wanted to agree fast and get out of there, and did not have the patience to look at the case critically F) The barriers to decision making included time as a result of the heat in the room. And one of them also said they had a game to go to and did not hope to take too long in there.

Another barrier was availability heuristic. They did not want to think harder, they just wanted to go with the flow. They also assumed that due to his aground, he must have committed the crime G) They had personal bias in that the victim grew up in the slums and they think the slums gives rise to criminals. Journal assignment week 3 think Mason’s hierarchy of needs is accurate because realistically each hire step is hard to be attain without the previous step.

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For example, it is hard to be concerned about safety if you have not eaten or to concentrate on love and belonging if you are not safe or you have a gun to your head Looking at my personal life, I am able to breath, eat and drink water very well so eave no problem with Mascots stage of physiological need. Mascots next stage is safety. I feel safe in my life right now. I have a place to stay, no threads except an unpaid ticket that I need to pay before I get issued a warrant for arrest.

This may then drop me to safety stage and thus, I will not be able to concentrate on love and belonging, my self-esteem will be gone and I will definitely not be hoping for self-actualization stage. Well, without the warrant for arrest yet, I am above the safety stage on Mason’s hierarchy of needs. A stage hire than the safety stage is the love and belonging stage. Hint I had already attained this stage because I love and I feel like I belong in a certain level of social ladder. So, I think I am at the esteem stage on Mascots hierarchy of needs pyramid.

This is because am presently going to school to get carrier so I can make more money to boost up the way people see me and a hire position in the society and more importantly to feel good and be comfortable. So I am at the esteem stage of Mascots pyramid. Furthermore, I think I can advance more on Mascots pyramid by staying focused in school so I get to graduate and start shooting for self-actualization tag. Also, I need to stay out of trouble, and be careful where I go and what I do so I don’t get into trouble with the authorities.

One of the main ways I do this is to stay close to God and try to do what the bible says because looking at the bible, all of the thinks it says are good to our lives and to others, for example, don’t still, don’t kill, don’t hurt others, love your neighbors and even your enemies. With this, I stay out of trouble, stay focus and love people and people love me back because I strive to be humble thus; will stay out of trouble easily and move up on Mascots pyramid.

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