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In college, as in life, some things are unavoidable: tuition, essays, bad-for-you food… and roommates. Unless you live at home while going to school, from the time you enter the higher education world until you leave it, you will be coping with people in your personal space. In the land of shared space, problems arise frequently – and if you never deal with them, they have the potential to ruin any relationship. Use these tips from experts and real college girls on getting along with your roommate – whether your roomie is a random assignment or your best friend. Talk. If somethings bugging you, bring it up in a non-defensive way rather than assume your roommate can read your mind. Nothing can change unless you acknowledge it. It’s possible that your roommate may not even be aware of the problem. 2. Focus on behavior, not personality. It’s not reasonable to ask people to change who they are, but you can ask them to tone down how they express themselves, especially when it’s invading your turf. So, you can’t criticize someone for being “perky,” but you can ask for someone not to talk so much while you’re studying. 3.

Stay flexible. It’s not your job to fix anybody else, and it helps to recognize that no one is perfect. Be willing to look at your own behavior. Consider what you could do differently to help the situation instead of only blaming your roommate. 4. Start with one pet peeve. What can you absolutely not deal with? What do you find extremely irritating, but could live with if you had to? There are probably tons of things your roommate does that get on your nerves. But nothing kills a relationship faster than listing dozens of reasons why you don’t like a person.

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Instead, both of you need to list your number one pet peeve and focus your energy on solving that first. 5. Consider the positives. Before you decide that life would be better with a roommate exactly like you, think of what you could gain by living with your opposite. We’re often attracted to people who are different from us because they represent qualities we wish we possessed. If you’re shy, maybe being around a more outgoing person will force you out of your shell. When one person’s strength makes up for the other’s weakness, being opposites is an dvantage.

Sharing your place with another person, whether this is a new experience for you or youVe had years of practice, is never easy. Use these tips to keep hostility at bay, and you’ll be gossiping about the cute guy in your chem lab rather than the newest annoyance your roommate has inflicted upon you. Trust me, your friends will thank you. The reflection of reading: Living with another is not convenient for me. Because when I doing anything I should consider my roommates how to do it won’t disturb her.

But the advantage of iving with another is that I can know my roommates who from other countries with different life background and we can share about our lifestyle as well as some growing experience. If we are match at interest and view of events, we will be the good friends soon! The disadvantage is that I need control my bedtime not affecting her, when the roommate’s friends visit her, they chatting some topic that I can’t Join I’ll feel so embarrassed. Getting along well with roommate is not easy, but I’ll try to use this tips and

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