It Is Better to Watch Sport Than to Play Sport Assignment

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Better To Watch Sport than To Play Sport (Against) Good morning/afternoon Mr. Masters and fellow students in AAA. Today I will persuade you that it is much better to play sport than to watch it. This is evident in the fact that physically playing sport maintains your health, can reduce your economic spending and keeps you fit and socially active. It has been clearly shown that a sedentary lifestyle is linked to disease and a shorter lifespan.

People who are inactive are more likely to become overweight and develop obesity. Several diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are related to obesity and can be caused by not doing physical sports and only watching them on television. Some of these can have serious, even deadly consequences and force people to take desperate action. People are more likely to eat more when they sit and watch TV. The main downside of playing sport is that you can sustain injuries; you can’t get injuries if you only watch sport.

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There are not many diseases you can get by being fit, especially if you take care to prevent injury. Not exercising and playing sport also has potential economic consequences. Examples of economic consequences include spending more money on Junk food, spending money on health, earning less and contributing less to the economy. On television there will always be ads which may sway you to buy the Junk foods advertised. You could end up spending more money on Junk food and less money on healthy foods.

People who exercise often have a healthy diet and they are more likely o focus on their diet and not waste money on Junk food. Additionally, people who are less fit have more health problems which may cost them more money. People who are less healthy may be less productive when they are working, due to ill health and absences. Fitness and keeping healthy is a very important aspect of life. Socially, the activities you do to keep fit such as going to the gym, getting out for a walk or playing sport allow you to meet new people and have greater social interaction.

Social interaction is essential for our mental wellbeing. Playing sport allows you to have fun. People often make friends playing sport, as many sports are group events. Playing as a family allows more family time and helps to bring the family closer together. If you Just sit at home and watch sports on television, you will waste time and have fewer opportunities to meet people and make new friends. If you go through school without friends, you may have trouble with assignments, and feel lonely.

Whereas, if you have friends, they will be able to assist you in assignments and other important aspects of life such as social problems. Overall, I hope these arguments help to convince you that participating in sport and keeping fit is much better than sitting on a couch watching sport. Keeping fit, healthy, reducing your risk of disease, not wasting money on Junk food and doing your Job efficiently are important things in your life that promote your health and wellbeing. It Is Better to Watch Sport Than to Play Sport By Thessalonians

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