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How Agriculture Has Shaped Man assignment 1 Mr. In the novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn it makes a brave point of how man has taken over Mother Nature and has claimed what is not his due to the fact that Agriculture has shaped man and his potential. In the movie by James Diamond Guns, Germs, and Steel it strikes a similar note in how the taker people compare to the leaver people and how they have more success than the original lifestyle of the leavers.

Man has dvanced greatly through the progression of agriculture and from their into their civilization. Though in the end the taker people are starting to destroy themselves and ultimately mother earth. In Ismael and Guns, Germs, and steel it shows how man has progressed and ultimately start to destroy himself because of the agricultural progression of man. “The world was made for man, but it took him along time to fgure that out”(Quinn: pg 68). That is what was imposed for the novel Ishmael meaning that the whole world revolves around man.

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Man is why we have cities, technology, architecture and other luxuries. The place where all of this has come from though, has been from the way that man had expanded and how his agriculture had expanded. The idea of agriculture had happened back in the Fertile Crescent because the so-called takers were running out of food to take. They had to settle down and have a source of food to live off of so they could support villages and eventually Increase tnelr populatlon.

I ne numan populatlon nas done Just tnat ana for the most part they have thrived, but because of this they have done unthinkable damage. “We’ve gobbled up irreplaceable resources as though they could never run ut-and we go on gobbling them up”(Quinn: pg 80). As the Human Population had found out about the possibilities of farming and staying in one place as opposed to traveling and being gatherers, they have become successful. The success comes with its prices though on the other hand, The Takers had started to get very nasty and disgraceful with the leaver people.

They had started to believe that the way to live is to farm and any group of people that does not abide by that rule will ultimately get whipped out when Ishmael clearly stats this when he says miou may no longer live by hunting and gathering. This is Wrong. This is evil. We forbid it. “(Quinn: pg 167). As people had started to get greedier they had ultimately wanted more land and more power. The main reason of this power and land was to expand their population and to have growth in their economy.

The takers did not have room for the leavers so they had simply had started to kill them off. They had started to kill them of for one simple reason, they needed that land for agriculture, and agriculture ultimately means expansion. Then people had started to feed of the Takers and had brought it into their culture because they see what uccess they have compared to the other leavers. An example of this type of people would have been the Jews.

The Jews though had seen the value of the leaver people and they had left the leavers in their culture. The Takers though had a downfall later in the revolution. The Taker people had invested all of their might into the agriculture of the land and had expanded beyond the holding limit of mother earth. In Guns, Germs, and Steel by James diamond he makes a very valid point of why the taker people of the modernized world have so much more technology and an overall better wellbeing than the Native Papua New Guineans.

The answer to this question is that the New Guineans are a leaver civilization, they didn’t expand and didn’t have such technological growth as the taker people, an example of this is cargo. Cargo is what the New Guineans had called the technology and the actual things that the modern world people have. The New Guineans have followed the same way of life since their fist appearance onto mother earth. They are hunter and gatherers and they do very littlie farming. They look as if though they were in the 1000 B. C.

E and their culture is very reflective of that as well. They live in large ommunities and they are hunting to get their food and the women are staying home doing all of the work since they are counted less superior to man. The only reason that the New Guineans had not expanded was because they didn’t have agriculture and that has pushed them back in the overall evolution of man. In Ismael and Guns, Germs, and Steel it shows how man has progressed and ultimately start to destroy himself because of the agricultural progression of man.

The fact of the expansion of the human population had gone back to agriculture. That one step had put us in the position we are now, and the countries that had not aken that step are very behind in the cultural evolution. But the question is, did we take the right step with expanding through agriculture and ultimately killing our resources and Mother Nature? Only time will tell if we will fail or succeed. Diamond, James. “Guns,Germs, and Steel Part One. ” Guns, Germs, and Steel Part One. N. d. Television. Quinn, Daniel. Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit.

United States of America: Bantam/Turner, 1995. Print. Evaluatlon 0T How Man created Cltles to Isnmael ana -uns, Germs, ana s assignment 2 All three of these works present a very careful argument pretty much textbook example of the process of posing a research question, making a claim to answer that question, and presenting clear evidence, examples, and support for the claim. Show how each demonstrates this in the following matrix How Man Created Cities Ishmael Guns, Germs, and Steel What is the overall driving question?

How did Man Invent cities? Why are things made up to be the way they are? Why do first world countries have so much more “cargo’ than the people of Pupa New Guinea? What is the overall answer? (thesis) Man had invented cities on the fact that the place where the city had originated, that ertain geographical location had been able to supply mans needs. Things are made up to be the way they are because or society is based on a myth that is so deeply rooted into our society that we cant do anything about it and if we do then we make it worse.

The people of first world countries have more cargo because they had the ability to farm and have good livestock, which they gained, through geographical location and experience with mother nature. .What are the main claims to support the answer? The place that you would chose to build a city would be place that had a good access to food, water, and shelter. People in our society believe that the people that have other lifestyles than our own are living a very uncivilized lifestyle.

The people of the first world countries had wheat and barley as well as good livestock like cows and horses. While the people of Papa New Guinea had some roots and bananas. What evidence is there to support these claims? Examples. You wouldn’t build a city in the desert because there is no food, water, or shelter. You would build a city next to a river which would have water to drink, fish to eat, and some type of vegetation to mage shelter out of.

People from the first world countries nat are llvlng taker IITestyles tnlnK tnat people 0T tnlra world countrles tnat are llvlng leaver lifestyles are wrong and uncivilized. The first world countries are more developed and carry a much larger population because of the reliable food source. Pastoral (nomadic) Culture vs. Neolithic Agrarian Culture (nomadic) Culture Neolithic Agrarian Culture assignment 3 Pastoral Being any type of nomad is the oldest way of living in the world and it dates back to as far as 6000 B.

C The Postaral Nomads Follow a specific pattern to which to graze their livestock and they are constantly on the move They move their livestock ccording to the seasons Each year they go back to the same place they were during that season last year to herd In areas with a decent amount of rainfall, the Pastoral Nomads live in villages that are designed of them to have a more relaxed stay for In the dry seasons the Pastoral Nomads stick to portable tents that they can easily set up and take down The Pastoral Nomads are people that make their own food and don’t buy or take from others, they do trade though for other products that would include hard goods The Pastoral Nomads in habit the less fertile regions of the world that receive little ainfall as well The Pastoral Nomads live in the regions of West Africa and Central Asia The Pastoral Nomads are originally based to be part of a warrior culture, because they were despised by people they lived round The Neolithic Agrarians mostly lived in small little groups or tribes They had the chance to acquire livestock so they did Unlike the Pastoral nomad the Neolithic Agrarians had homes that they could settle down and not travel from place to place, most of the homes were built out of mud The Neolithic Agrarians believed in burials and they would usually wait until only ones were left of the dead person and would bury them in-between the houses or even under the floor of the house The Neolithic Agrarians Had lived in Europe since 6400 B.

C and in countless other regions across the world like the fertile crescent and the Americas The Neolithic Agrarians had heavily relied on Farming, in earlier times it relied on the region that you were in that the farming was based on, but near the ena all 0T tne T Intake was Ilmltea Ine Neollt lc n Agrarlans were very SKIIlea tool maker and had made tons of tool for many different reasons including farming and weapons Continued Next Page) Catalhoyuk and the Bedouin as Examples Pastoral Example- the Bedouin Neolithic Agrarian Example- Catalhoyuk How are the Bedouin an example of a pastoral society? The Bedouins are a prime example of the Pastoral society because they are Nomads. The Bedouins live in counties in the middle east that have a relatively low rainfall and that means fertility. They have their livestock Just as the pastoral Nomads had and they travel with their livestock all the time. The Bedouins don’t have a real home Just like the Pastoral Nomads so they Just set up tents and take tents down. Lastly the Bedouins travel with the seasons, In the dry season they go to a solid watering hole just as the Pastoral Nomads did. How is Catalhoyuk an example of a Neolithic agrarian society?

The Catalhoyuk were much like the Neolithic Agrarians in their plan of living. The Catalhoyuk had made permanent settlements Just as the Neolithic Agrarians did compared to the pastoral nomads. The Catalhoyuk had made their houses out of the same material (mud) as the Neolithic Agrarians did. The Catalhoyuk had also the same burial traditions by letting the body of the dead decay to the bone and then bury them underneath the floor of the house. Lastly the Catalhoyuk had made many tools and had a wide variety of crops River Valley/Foundations Cultures PIRATES – Fill in evidence that aligns with the cultural traits listed below. Each column may not be necessarily even, but all should be filled in to some extent.

Assingment 4 Cultures Political (Laws, Governance) Intellectual (Math, Science, Philosophic, Ideas) Rellglons Art/Architecture (Forms, styles, uses) Technology Economic (How they make a living-trade, farming etc) Social (Gender relationships, role of women, classes) Shang They had an overall king that that had allowed territory rulers to rule parts of the and in exchange for military support under that was priest class which was in charge of religion and records The People of the Shang dynasty had created a writing system that had over 3,000 symbols, they had also made a 12 month calendar and a decimal system The Shang Dynasty believed in the god Shang-Ti, This god was considered superior to all the other gods The type of art the Shang dynast had were different types of pots, bronze weapons, vessels and hairpins. The Shang dynasty was highly skillful in metalworking and they had created many types of weapons and tools. The Shang Dynasty had made a living y agriculture, the type of crops that they had grown were wheat, barley, and other types of grains.

The Shang dynasty had classes that went from nobles, to priests, to craftsman to peasants and slaves Harappa The political system of the Harappans is not quite discovered but it is believed to be that their was one main government with rules of the cities to help out The Harappan people were masters in measuring length, mass and time, they were one of the first civilizations that made up as system of weights and measurements The religion that the Harappa civilization believed in was Polytheistic, in this religion ertain animal represent gods The Harappans civilization had large scale urban like settlements; the Harappans had different types of vessels, pottery, and Jewelry.

The Harappans were among the first to purify gold and it was also found that they had been some the first people using dental techniques(drilling human teeth) They had a very strong trading system because they would trade their precious artwork with Mesopotamian settlements, making them a well know economic hub, farmed lots of dry grain The Harappans were divided into four classes, learned people, businessmen, warriors, and working class. Women were considered higher up then men Egypt The Egyptians had a main ruler which was the king, under the king was the vizier. I ne vlzler naa ne10 all 0T tne countless projects tnat tne anclent Egyptians naa. The Egyptians had a completely finished numerical system, they were also the first civilization that had shown evidence of mathematical equations The ancient Egyptians had believed in the Divine Kingship, which means that the king is also their god.

The architecture in Egypt is some of the famous architecture in the world, The pyramid of Giza is one example, Architects in Egypt were also famous for their recise stone work The Egyptians new how to make ships up to 35 meters long, they also knew how to make glass and many artificial stones The Egyptians had relied heavily on farming, since the rainfall was scarce they had made good use of the Nile for irrigation systems, their main crops were wheat, barley and other grains, but they also had fruits and vegetables Women in ancient Egypt had the same rights as men, but the were treated a lot differently, the woman usually had stayed at home while the men had worked Sumer The Sumerians had a king that had ruled the city state government, the king would ut the laws into effect, but instead of punishing someone physically He would punish them with a fine The Sumerians were the first to make use of math like algebra and geometry, They also were the first that had used numerical order, and find the area of a triangle and volume of a cube The Sumerians did not have a specific religion; each state had its own priests and churches. The Sumerians were the first to have the right who to worship The Sumerians had a lack of wooden materials, so in result they had started to build mud houses, if wanting something stronger then you would use brick The Sumerians had been innovators of many tems such as wheels, saws, knives, axes chisels, etc…. Many Sumerians had made their living of farming onions, wheat, mustard, lentils, barley etc…. hey also traded with many surrounding civilizations Woman in the Sumerian civilization were considered freer than in the other leading civilizations but, the civilization was still in favor of man, the class was mostly divided into a fee person or a slave Chavin In the Chavin civilization to have the power to rule was brought only to a few elite members that had some sort of divine connection The Chavin people were the first eople that had carved the faces into stone of the deities that they believed in The civilization of the Chavin believe in different types of deities, there are deities for the underworld, food and, the supernatural world The Chavin had created many pieces of art, though to the modern world we cannot understand what they mean, they were meant to be understood only by the chiefs The advancements in technology for the Chavin was their abilities to use abnormal techniques for firing their clay The Majority of the People from the Chavin civilization have been involved with omestication of llamas, they also have some crops including potatoes and quinoa The woman in the Chavin civilization are usually at home caring for the kids while the men are trying to bring home food Olmec The political structure of the Olmec was strongly centralized, this gave power to the elite that would have control over the people The Olmec’s were the first Mesoamerican people that would have a calendar, understand the concept of zero, and create a writing system The Olmec’s believed that their priests were the most important fgure and the most sacred fgure The Olmec’s make there art out of many

OITTerent materlals Inclualng clay ana Dasalt, most 0T tnelr Tlgures represent real IITe things The Olmec’s had many types of invented technologies, but the most notable of them all was their geomagnetic lodestone compass The Olmec’s were farmers back in their time, they had grown beans, squash, maize, and cotton, they also had done long distance trading The woman of the Olmec had taken care of the children while the men had been out and had brought home the food (Continued Next Page) Venn Diagram Unique toa Culture In Common Among a Majority of the Cultures The Shang dynasty had classes that went from nobles, to priests, to craftsman to easants and slaves The woman of most of these civilizations were considers less dominant then men Most civilizations listed here have some type of agriculture All civilizations worshiped some sort of fgure All civilizations had found out some technology that is still used today Sumer The Sumerians were the first to make use of math like algebra and geometry, They also were the first that had used numerical order, and find the area of a triangle and volume ofa cube Harappa Chavin The civilization of the Chavin believe in different types of deities, there are deities for the underworld, food and, the supernatural world Egypt The ancient Egyptians had believed in the Divine Kingship, which means that the king is also their god. Olmec The Olmec’s were the first Mesoamerican people that would have a calendar, understand the concept of zero, and create a writing system (Continued On Next Page) How does either the Phoenicians or the Minoans compare culturally to the other Foundation cultures? (Your choice of who to use, looking for an in-depth analysis here of at least one page. The Phoenicians are one of the most sought out civilizations in the world and they can be easily compared with the founder cultures. The Phoenicians are people that ave traded countless of precious items (mostly to Greece) that are supplied to the elite; one of these items would be vivid purple die that is received from the snail shell. The Phoenician alphabet with its very ideal and strict forms can be compared to the great writing system of the Shangs. The culture of the Phoenicians is a learning culture because they had sat out and had taken in countless information from the ancient Egyptians. Every good civilization has to be able to learn to flourish and prosper above all the rest.

The Phoenician civilization had a chance to come out and they did, In about 900 B. C Their was no real strict military power in the region of the Phoenicians so they came out and they started to trade with the surrounding areas. With the population of the Phoenicians rising they had started to expand into the Mediterranean Sea. With the time that the Phoenicians were at the Mediterranean Sea they had become very hefty with their glasswork and had helped out the Egyptians as well. The Phoenicians hold one of the oldest cities in the world, just recently archeologist have found remains of farms and fisherman’s houses that date back to as far as 7000B. C.

To the end of their being in the main groups of ivilizations, the interests of the Phoenicians had become art, religion and trade. If a civilization that is capable to give as much as it is capable to learn then it should have the right to be compared and even be part of the foundation cultures. Conrad Demarest Comparison of Empires assignment 5 Refer to the complete listing of characteristics in the C-D Model before completing this chart. Include specific examples, not generalities. Characteristics Neo-Assyrian Empire Persian Empire 1. Necessary preconditions for the rise of empires??”the region must have: a) State- level government b) agricultural potential c) An environmental mosaic

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