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We are really eager to know about the journey of his life, his educational background and how e overcome all the challenges that he had to face in order to become one of the great scholars in Islam. We were impressed by the multi talent possess by Imam Shaft’s which had become an inspiration towards the Muslims to achieve the excellence in this life. We had divided this assignment into several parts, starting from his historical background, his educational background and his contributions for the amah.

We also shared some of the stories behind his special features especially on his wisdom, generosity, piously and others. Last but not least, we hope this assignment will be beneficial and inspirational to the immunity of Muslim nowadays in order to achieve the eternal victory in this world and in the Hereafter. 1. BACKGROUND Muhammad bin Doris Al-Shaft’s bin AY-Baas bin Isthmian bin Shaft’s bin As- Saab bin ‘Paid bin ‘Abdul Hazily bin Highways bin AY-Mutuality bin ‘Bid Mafia was born in 767 in Gaza, Palestine. He was the founder of Mazda Shaft’s.

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Imam Shaft’s lineage coming from Prophet Muhammad S. A. W. Imam Safari’s mother reports of an incident before the birth of Imam Shaft’s where in her dream she sighted the star emerging from her womb and embarking in the province of Egypt. She extinguished a radiant light emitting from this star illuminating the entire city. She questioned the wise men of the city to interpret this dream, who told her that in the near future she was due to give birth to a learned scholar whose knowledge would be beneficial far and wide.

It had been stated by Allah that Imam Shaft’s will be a great Islamic scholar even before his birth to the world. Imam Shaft’s had passed away on 19th January 820 at the age of fifty four and was buried in Cairo, Egypt. 2. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND He grew up in a poor environment and was not pampered with luxury fife and not spoiled by wealth. After his father’s death, his mother decided to move to Mecca. In Mecca his mother directed him to the circle of knowledge. He managed to memorize the whole Quern at the age of seven. He also memorized Mutate’ of Imam Mali at the age often.

Imam Shaft’s used to love width and he will memorize width just from hearing it. He had a great passion towards knowledge that he will write all the width he memorized on the pieces of broken pottery or on old pieces of leather or parchment. He got those materials by asking people around the Dianna of the governor due to his poverty life. This hon. us the effort of Imam Shaft’s in preserving the knowledge that he had gained. By the age of thirteen, Imam Shaft’s was urged by the Mecca governor to travel to Medina and study under the well-known scholar Imam Mali bin Nanas himself.

Imam Mali was very impressed with the intelligence and analytical mind of Imam Shaft’s and provided him with financial assistance to ensure that he remains in the study offish. Imam Shaft’s lived with the purest and chaste Arabic tribe, Heyday for about ten years and as the result, he became the master of Arabic language. At the age of fifteen, he was given the authority from is teacher, Muslim bin Khalid’s Az-Jinni to give fatwa’s or legal rulings. He was completely immersed in academic matters that he had traveled to Yemen, Kafka, Baser, Mecca, Baghdad and Egypt solely for seeking knowledge.

Imam Shaft’s had a great respect towards his teachers that he never skipped the classes and he has an impressive manner towards his teachers that he never argued with them because of his respect unless he was permitted to do so. He always get involved in many discussion with the experts of theology, philosophers, jurists, experts and other scholars of width in order to broaden his field of knowledge. . CONTRIBUTIONS Among his contributions in the study of jurisprudence, he authored over one hundred books among which AY-Mum and AY-Rashly are the most famous.

AY-Mum was authored when he was teaching in Egypt and this book discuss about the new thought of Imam Shaft’s in the study of fish. On the other hand, AY-Rashly was authored because of the request of Abdullah bin Maid and it was about the study of usual fish. Throughout his ass and ass, Imam al- Shaft’s traveled throughout Syria and the Arabian Peninsula, giving lectures and compiling a large group of students that studied under him. Among them was Imam Mad, the originator of the fourth school of fish, the Hannibal Mazda. In 814, Imam Shaft’s made his final move to Egypt and organize the study of usual al- fish.

Imam Shaft’ also firmly against the act of heresy (EBITDA) because as for him, all the acts that against the Quern, the Saunas and the consensus of scholars (jam’ llama’) are deviated while all the acts that are not against those sources is considered as a good heresy (EBITDA hosanna). 4. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF IMAM SHAH’S 4. 1 THE WISDOM OF IMAM SHAFT’S One day, a man came to Imam Shaft’s and asked him why the demons was originated from fire and will be tortured with the fire. Imam Shaft’s think for a moment before out of sudden, he took a lump of dry soil and threw it towards the man.

The man was shocked and angry with his action. Looking at the situation of that man, Imam Shaft’s asked, “Are you hurt? ” Then the man replied, “Yes, I was hurt! ” Then, Imam Shaft’s said, “you are a man that was created from the soil but you feel the pain when you were thrown with the soil and the same goes to the demons. ” The man was speechless and did not asked for more but he understand what was meant by the words of Imam Shaft’s. 4. THE SHARPNESS OF IMAM SAFARI’S PHYSIOGNOMY (AFFAIRS) The story of Imam Shaft’s and his teacher, Muhammad bin Has AY-Shaping, one of Imam ABA Hankie’s foremost student.

One day, while Imam Shaft’s was sitting in the mosque he was invited by his teacher to compete their sharpness in physiognomy. At the meantime, there was a stranger passing by them and his teacher said, “Let us guess the occupation of that man. ” Then Imam Shaft’s said that he was a tailor while his teacher said that he was a carpenter. After that, they called the man and greeted him first before they asked him what his job was. The man answered hat formerly he was a tailor but now he is a carpenter. This story had proved us that Imam Shaft’s had an amazing knowledge of physiognomy. . 3 THE GENEROSITY OF IMAM SHAFT’S One day, Imam Shaft’s was asked to give an advice by an old man. Imam Shaft’s went up the mambas and started to give his advices on the importance of knowledge, honorable attitude and mind above any wealth and luxuries. While he was preaching, a man named Skim had expressed his doubt towards Imam Safari’s words to his friend and decided to test Imam Shaft’s to make sure of it. After the sermon, a man approached Imam Shaft’s and gave him one hundred ihram as a gift. Imam Shaft’s accepted the money and kept it in his pocket.

A few moments later, Skim approached Imam Shaft’s and he pretended to ask Imam Shaft’s whether he can help him or not because Skim needs one hundred dirham immediately. Without any hesitation, Imam Shaft’s gave Skim the money gift the he had received and said that he did not need the money more than Skim needed it. Looking at Imam Safari’s generosity, the two men believed the words of Imam Safari’s. This shown us that Imam Safari’s practiced what he said to other people. 4. 4 THE PIOUSLY OF IMAM SAFARI’S Imam Safari’s decided to spend over a night at Imam Handball’s house.

Right after the dinner, he entered the bedroom provided for him. Imam Handball’s daughter was curious about his action and ask her father, “Oh my beloved father, why you are always praising Imam Safari’s by saying that he is a pious person, but in my observation today, he is not like as your saying before. ” “What is the reason that make you to ask something like that? ” said Imam Mad to his daughter. His daughter replied to his father that upon her observation, there are three strange things that she realized him doing it.

Firstly, during the dinner, he ate greedily. Secondly, for the entire night, I have not seen him performing the night prayer. Lastly, the most unbelievable things that I saw was Imam Safari’s action for not taking ablution before performing the sub prayer. The next day, Imam Hannibal asked Imam Safari’s about the curiosity of his daughter. Then, Imam Safari’s smile and replied “O Mad! I ate the food greedily at your house not because of my hunger but I believed the food that you had prepared is hall guaranteed and I know that you are a very generous person.

As for that reason, the food provided by you could be a remedy for myself. Despite that, the food provided by a stingy errors will be a poison to the eaters. I did not performed the night prayer because as if I saw the Quern and the Saunas in front of me that making me able to solve the seventy two Islamic jurisprudence problem with Allah’s permission without having the sufficient time to perform the night prayer. Lastly, the reason for not taking my ablution for Sub prayer is because I did not slept at all for the whole night.

Therefore, my ablution for kayak’s prayer was still valid so that used it for my suburb’s prayer. 4. 5 THE INTELLIGENCE AND ELOQUENCE OF IMAM SHAFT’S ABA Buddy has related that, “l have never seen anyone as knowledgeable ND talented as Shaft’s”. Harmon Bin Eased Ally states that if Imam Safari’s wanted to prove that a stone pillar is a stick, it would be possible for him. One day one of his teacher allowed Imam Shaft’s to argue with him. Imam Shaft’s won the debate that people thought he was the member of study of fish of Medina and companion of Imam Mali.

Another story of Imam Safari’s intelligence and eloquence is that Imam Shaft’s used to debate with one of his student, Imam Mad bin Hannibal on the status of a Muslim who neglect the five daily prayer. This was the dialogue between them: Imam Shaft’s : “O Mad, did you consider Muslim who neglect his prayer as an infidel? ” Imam Hannibal : “Yes. ” Imam Shaft’s “Fifth person is an infidel then when did he become a Muslim? ” Imam Hannibal : “When the person declare the declaration of faith” Imam Shaft’s : “But still, the person believe in the declaration of faith and not rejecting it? Imam Hannibal : “He can be considered as a Muslim if he prays. ” Imam Shaft’s : “The prayer of infidel is invalid and the person cannot be called a Muslim just by the prayer alone. ” In the end, Imam Mad was speechless and the debate was over. From this story we can conclude that Imam Shaft’s was a great debater ND he debate to prove the truth of any matters. 4. 6 IMAM SAFARI’S FIRMNESS STAND Imam Safari’s used to work as a judge for the Basis governor, Mali. After the death of governor Mali, his position was substituted by governor As- Saudi. Unfortunately, the new governor did not possessed the great attitude as governor Mali.

He was more interested in his wealth and status rather than his responsibility towards the citizen. Governor As-Saudi was charged in embezzling the baptismal money for his own benefit by Imam Shaft’s in one of his discussion. When the governor itself knows about the news, he was mad and he sent two f his people to warn Imam Shaft’s to withdraw the charged towards him. Imam Shaft’s refused to do so. As the impact of his refusal, Imam Shaft’s was slandered by governor As-Saudi by accusing that Imam Shaft’s was the leader of Shih that was trying to topple the Basis government.

He was arrested and carried to Baghdad to be punished. When he met caliph Harsh AR-Rash, Imam Shaft’s gave an impassioned and eloquent defense which greatly impressed the caliph. Imam Shaft’s was not just released but he was also insisted by the caliph to stay in Baghdad and help to spread Islamic knowledge in the region. He agreed and Marty decided to stay away from the politic matters for the remainder of his life. 4. 7 SUSTENANCE OF IMAM SAFARI’S MEMORY Imam Shaft’s is one of the scholars that had a great and super long lasting memory.

But, one day, one of Imam Safari’s teacher was being curious about the reason that lead to Imam Shaft’s poor memorization ability at that time. To make things clear, he went to Imam Safari’s mother’s house and asked her, “O Mum Habit, can you tell me, what is the reason behind Imam Safari’s memory impairment that occurred lately? “. Mum Habit felt very shocked to hear the complaint from Imam Safari’s teacher and she was worried. From what she knew, her son had an outstanding memorization ability. As a mother, she had being so particular and selective in choosing the types of meal that should be given to his son.

After a much deep thought, she got to realism the vital factor for Imam Safari’s problem. Not long ago, one of her goats that produced milk for their family s daily consumption had went to their neighbor grass field and ate the grass at that place without the owner’s permission. For that reason, it had affected Imam Safari’s memory condition. CONCLUSION In a nutshell, we can conclude that Imam Shaft’s was a very well-known scholars and he was the founder of Mazda Safe, the Mazda that had been practiced by the majority of Muslim in Malaysia up until now.

We also learnt that Imam Shaft’s tend to loves knowledge very much that he had put a lot of effort in order to seek for the knowledge he required. He had gone through many challenging phases in his life before being able to invent his own Mazda and guide the Muslims to the better way of life as well as the better understanding in the study of Islamic Jurisprudence according to the Quern and the Saunas. His books, poems and advises did boosted our spirit to struggle and strive in our life as well as in our study until we become an erudite person and we are able to make contributions to our society, religion and country.

Imam Safari’s honorable and favorable manner in seeking knowledge also had inspired us to enhance ourselves and our attitudes towards our teachers, lecturers and to appreciate the knowledge as much as Imam Safari’s appreciate it. His expertise in Arabic language and his outrageous debating skills had motivated us to improve our Arabic language and skills as well as our speaking skills so that we will be able to convey the knowledge we had gained and share it with others. REFERENCES 1 . Inrushes. (1999). Human Aisha-Aisha Tideland solid 4. Koala Lump: Majesty India Sad.

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