Interest to be in a nursing profession Assignment

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Nursing is a unique profession that is vital worldwide. I moved to Australia for a better life and career after having worked as a Registered Nurse in overseas for six years. I had completed studying Diploma of Nursing for three years which included theory and hospital trained nursing. To be registered, as a nurse in Australia Nurses and Midwives Board requires assessing the qualifications of international nurses to ensure that nurses are substantially equivalent to Board approved Australian Nursing qualification. Being supported by my husband and relatives, motivated me to commence my University study and to upgrade my qualification.

I would like to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. I have always desired a career that involved personal contact and that’s what nursing gives me. It is an opportunity for me to use caring in a holistic manner. As a university student, lots of self-study is required. One challenge will be assignment and a presentation, especially as English is my second language. One of the major challenges during my university study will be the financial problem, such as tuition fees, expenses and textbooks. A further challenge may be having several assignments and readings being due close to one another.

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One of the economic problems is time management as a university student. Time management involves doing the right thing at the right time. Managing time effortlessly can make the difference between a successful student and one who Is defeated by stress. So, time management and balance is significant within my life. To Improve on time management, creating a timetable, study plan will keep me on track In managing my studies. The overall workload of my course material is least likely to be under my control however, my time management and economic management are factors that I can directly Influence.

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