Informative Speech Tips Assignment

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You will not be able to tell us everything about this topic. Instead your job is to choose which aspects of the topic you feel are most important for your audience. You may use a visual aid(s) if you wish. 2. Think of an informative presentation as if it were a short teaching assignment. You are bringing information to us, not to persuade us to take one side, but simply to become more familiar with aspects of the topic. Outline Requirements 1 . This presentation will include a minimum of 2 research sources.

These may come from academic journals, credible magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, books, television broadcasts, and valid web sources. Make sure you diversify your sources, particularly when using the web. Be sure to cite your references in the text of your presentation. 2. Refer to an PAP Manual on how to properly cite different types of sources and don’t forget to include all sources used in the text of your presentation in your references page. 3. The outline template is provided and you should follow the guidelines listed in the document.

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You will write it in outline form versus essay form so that I an measure your understanding and application of the specific components (I. E. Attention getter, thesis statement, internal transitions, etc. ). 1 Presentation 1 . Make sure to make eye contact with the audience and/or the camera. 2. The presentation will be 3-5 minutes long. Speeches that run (under) or overtime will be penalized 10 percentage points. 3. The content and delivery of the speech will be evaluated based on the topics discussed in class and in the text. 4.

The speaker is permitted to use a maximum of two note cards. No outlines or papers are allowed while speaking other than (2) 3 X 5 note cards as long as you can still present an organized speech. Make sure you look at the audience as it is very Obvious when speakers read from cards or don’t make eye contact. Reference Page 1. Reference page must be typed. Refer to a manual for PAP style. Reference page must adhere to PAP style. 2. You must cite your sources appropriately within the text of your speech (including the outline) in order to avoid plagiarism. 3.

Avoid citing references in your reference page that are not used n the text of your presentation. Grading Criteria “A” Presentations The A Presentation represents original and exceptional writing and delivery; it represents quality and relevant research, clear language, no grammatical errors, appropriate structure, and moves smoothly providing transitions, omits empty language and mirrors the effective visual and vocal delivery. After viewing an A Presentation the audience feels that we have learned something new about the topic and have viewed a polished speaker. B” Presentations The B Presentation represents above – average, allege-level work. It contains the suggested research but is not overly original or creative. It may contain minor errors in both writing and delivery suggesting that the speaker needs to practice but has met the requirements of effective structure and delivery. After viewing a B Presentation the audience feels that we have seen an effective speech but one that needs a bit more practice and fine tuning. “C” Presentations The C Presentation represents average college-level work.

It proficiently expresses the main homes of the topic employing ordinary language and missing the main elements of organization and movement through the presentation. The speaker fails to provide quality and relevant support material and the delivery is problematic and awkward. After viewing the C Presentation the audience feels that we are no more informed about the topic than before listening to the presentation. “D” Presentations The D Presentation represents minimal planning and execution. It contains insufficient support material, incorrect organization, limited resources, and major problems in delivery.

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