Informative speech Assignment

Informative speech Assignment Words: 385

Eating healthy is easy and necessary for a good well being 7. Does your central idea have all the main components it needs to have? 8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you Yes adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience (or how will you make the speech relevant to your audience? Be specific. _ My target audience is the class that I’m speaking to, but could be for any audience. I will adapt my speech by suggesting good eating habits that are beneficial especially to allege students with a busy life. 9.

What method(s) of gaining attention do you use in the introduction? I plan to tell a story or use a rhetorical question 10. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction? My mother is a nurse and teaches me healthy eating habits and Will mention I did a lot of research on the subject 1 1 . Write the preview statement will use in your introduction. I haven’t decided on the exact preview statement, but I will most likely talk about how easy it is to eat badly and some statistics 12. Does your intro have all what is required?

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Not yet, still working on it 13. What method of organization do you use in the speech? Linear organization 14. State in full sentences the main points to be developed In the body of your speech (For the current assignment you may state very briefly the main points you think you might use). 1) Talk about Obesity in the United States and the world 2) Talk about the lifestyle of college students and the difficulties of eating healthy 3) I am going to talk about alternatives and ways to fix bad eating habits 15.

Do your main points contain all what they need to contain (developed sub- points, credible evidence, citations, etc. ? Not quite yet 16. What supporting materials do you use in developing each main point? Be specific. Supporting materials would be statistics and graphs/charts, Visuals to help get the point across, and lots of examples on how to fix bad eating 17. Do you have all the required evidence and is it from a credible source? Not quite 18. What steps have you taken to answer potential objections that your audience may have to your position?

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