Ineffective Leadership Behavior Assignment

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As he was growing up, he was made to believe that other people from different culture (Africa and Asia) were not able minded to e reliable and effective at whatever given assignment which they were asked to perform without a close supervision. His parents always reminded him that if he was to successes he should always keep an eye on those who are from that part of the world. I did realize that he was struggling with this belief which was strongly hard wired within his DNA.

Due to this fact, he was always stressed with his leadership because he was not confident of what the outcome would be to each and every assignment given to my group per say. Later on I came to learn that he grew up in a non multicultural environment all h is life and this as the first experience he was undergoing dealing with people from a different culture. Based on his beliefs and up bringing he tended to be very push, biased and unfair to those who he did not understand the values. This negativity lead to his leadership ineffective because he was constantly on a look out and making assumptions.

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The result of this was we were so denominated and we were just looking forward to get over with the internship and leave at the soonest time possible. His lack of understanding for certain behavior among the group was UN comprehended. Ericson , could be considered in the situation where he observe something, he immediately compare the events with his personal set of values, assumptions, and expectations. He had a gap between what he observed and what he expected, which lead to negativity.

As it is well known that in some countries for example, direct eye contact is regarded to be disrespectful while in the U S its one of the values. Lack of eye contact can assume that one is lying, and nodding in some countries like India nodding up and down means no while in the U S means yes. Core values differ from person to person, its appropriate o consider that leadership is a complex process by which a person influences others to accomplish a mission, task, or objectives and directs the organization in a way that’s makes it more cohesive and coherent.

A person carries out this process by applying the leadership attributes and including beliefs, values, character knowledge and skill. Ericson lacked the knowledge and exposure according to human behavior categories in similarities and dissimilarities: like human kind, regional culture, national culture, sub national culture, organization culture, family culture and individuality.

Ericson, if he had known then, he would have taken into consideration some of these lay down stated facts so as to motivate my group and able to improve the production output which was highly in demand but alas his leadership behavior lead to low output. In the long run we realized that his altitude towards my group affected the entire work force since it was not acceptable. Based on our discussion in class, it was discussed that chose assumptions, like the genes in Nicholson s view of executive instinct, are passed down from generation to generation much like genes.

These are known as mental genes. As mentioned earlier on Ericson behavior towards other culture, was a belief that people develop and passed on to others over time. This is also known as mess which are a mental analogy to biological genes. In this case Ericson was told about how to behave towards other people from different cultures as mentioned above. Apparently, because of his beliefs and lack of understanding that BABE’ s differ and vary from culture to culture. Understanding of BABES and how they shape behavior is very important to effective leadership.

Erosion’s behavior towards me and the other interns from Asia clearly under went through a leadership which was very ineffective due to the altitude and negativity behavior from the supervisor who could not understand what it was to work with a multi-culture. It should be bear in mind that BABES are very difficult to change and this can only take place when a catastrophe takes place for example when a very shy woman became a public speaker after she lost her daughter ( her daughter was killed) . In Ericson circumstance, we just have to wait and see and only hope for the better.

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