Indirect Descrimination Assignment

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Indirect discrimination could be experienced as a group and also as an individual. Indirect discrimination occurs when in a healthcare organization, there are practices and or set of rules which everyone is expected to obey but then it can affect some staff because of whom they and what they believe. Bi An example of indirect discrimination is: At the end of the year, the organization decides to have an end of year party but choose a location which will not be suitable or favorable to some due to their belief.

This is aimed at a particular individual and it occurs when someone is treated sees favorably or differently because of some characteristics like: 1 . Sexuality Religion 2. 3. 4. Disability 5. Age 6. Belief Marriage and maternity etc. 7. Describe direct discrimination that may occur in Adult social care setting. An example of direct discrimination is when a career refuses to prepare a particular meal for the service user because the career does not eat such food.

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This is direct discrimination on the ground of belief. Another example is a situation where the care home always gives smaller portion of food to women than men because they say the men eat bigger without considering hat some woman might eat bigger too. This is direct discrimination on the ground of sexuality. Describe ways of working that are inclusive and support anti-discriminatory practice. There are different ways to ensure that colleges, career and the service users are all included in the day to day activities.

Firstly, each service user has a care-plan which states their needs, preferences, and wishes; the career has to work in line with hat plan. The service user should be given an opportunity Of choice, getting them involved in decision making, asking them questions to know what they need and if they are satisfied, and no assumptions. For example, for a service user with a learning disability: The career has to be patient because it may take him longer to understand what is been said to him, not been aggressive to them.

The career has to speak to him in a way he will understand making use of his care plan in case of a language barrier. With these measures in place, you create a conducive and non discriminatory atmosphere. Bib Explain how working in an inclusive way can reduce the likelihood of discrimination. Working in an inclusive way reduces the likelihood of discrimination because everyone is given a choice, the ability to make their win decision. Everybody is also given sufficient information of the options available to each situation.

Everybody is also able to participate and involved in events regardless of their differences and understanding. Working in an inclusive way also means you are open in communication with the service user thus building trust which will make them feel less a victim but more confident. First you recognize the difference from each service user and work with each according to their care-plan. F-or example, someone who is withdrawn, you bring in other activities that he likes and encourage him to actively get involved.

Describe effective ways Of challenging discrimination The best way to challenge discrimination is by : 1 . Taking immediate action when discrimination occurs and this could be achieved by recording and then reporting it to a higher supervisor or manager and if not properly handled the organization by, can be reported to a whistler’s. 2. You can address discrimination with the person who discriminated against you as they might not be aware of what they’ve done. 3. Providing more information and training on policies about discrimination. Assignment 203

A iv For each of the situation you have identified, describe how you could access support, information or guidance In the second situation which is working with a Vegetarian. For this situation, you will need the help of professionals because it Intel’s planning a healthy balanced menu. You can access support from the G. P who already has a full record of the service user. You can also access the social services, check online for menu and also use meal on wheels. This will help you get much diverse and better way of preparing a balanced meal for the service user.

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