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Whenever someone would ever threatened to get the student in trouble instead she would listen to what the student would have to say and d o her best to fix the issue. Sophomore year had Aristotle for english honors and boy was that class something. I wasn’t the best student in his class in fact hardly did any o f his work at all but the way he talked about the day’s topic kept me going back to his cla everyday. He rarely ever taught us the actual curriculum instead he would talk about life and teach us life lessons which I found fascinating. Junior year was the year i started to dislike the Monterey High School system. as in Art Careers Academy and because of this Monterey High forced me to be in a digital photography class. I was okay with that at first but that was because didn’t k now how crazy the teacher was. She would give us assignments and would tell us to us e our imagination but if she didn’t like your piece she would have you make it a way she liked so the piece would become hers and no longer yours. My buddy and I tried to drop the class multiple times but the principle made it a mandatory class for all junior Art Academy students so it was impossible to drop. The only way i made it throug h the class was reading.

I’d finish my assignment early and for most of the class w ould read my favorite book series ‘The Heroes of Olympus. ” I was engulfed in greek myt hology 85% of the time I was in the class. There were some good times of Junior year like finding that I loved to sing and that i love science. I joined the school’s chorus class with a couple of my friends and it was the best class I took that year. It was the firs t time I had been introduced to classical music and i loved it. also took AP Environm ental Science and learned a lot about the environment and how much humans poll ute it. Senior year was a disaster.

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I found out that my chorus teacher had retired aft Junior year was over but I still decided to go to chorus even without her. The n teacher was terrible she couldn’t play piano so we couldn’t sing the first day a nd she treated all the students like they were in kindergarten so I dropped the secon d day in. The principle tried to take away the seniors free periods so that we would hav e full schedules. When my friend and went to talk to our counselor about it we fou nd a loophole in the rules and were able to get our free periods back. Even with m y free periods my schedule was still pretty full with classes i didn’t need.

I only need ed english, math, and economy/ civics to get all my credits. Thanks to the school system and Art Academy i was thrown into Art Portfolio, Sports Medicine, and Expository Rea ding and Writing. Sports Medicine was the worst class I had ever taken. showed up a t otal of 7 times for the whole quarter because i was completely uninterested in it. Expo sitory Reading and Writing was mandatory for all Art Academy seniors and was close to the AP English level. Being stuck in these classes that I didn’t want or need i was f ed up with Monterey High and was looking for a way out.

Thats when I found out about Independent Studies. I talked to a couple friend s of mine and they said Independent Studies was way better that Monterey High. Some told me they graduated early with IS and others told me they were only taking the clas ses they needed to graduate. was so excited when my mom agreed to let me finish o ffmy last semester in IS. My high school experience was one I won’t forget being both good and bad. F rom finding my love of singing and science. To wasting time in uninteresting force d classes. High school was more bad than good for me but it was a much needed experi ence.

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