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Assignment 3. An Inconvenient Truth. NOTE: This assignment requires viewing a DVD – “An Inconvenient Truth. ” You have four options. 1. Go to the CSUDH Library Instructional Media Center (LIB C121) and ask to view “An Inconvenient Truth”, which is posted on their web server. Note that the IMC is closed on weekends and certain Fridays. 2. Most public libraries will have the video for checkout. 3. You can also rent the DVD (check Wherehouse, Blockbuster, etc. ). 4. Go the following website (foreign subtitles are a bit distracting) – http://topdocumentaryfilms. om/an-inconvenient-truth/ Answer the following questions, some of which are taken from the “Special Feature Update. ” Please note: Whether you like Al Gore or not, please keep in my mind that he is presenting the cumulative work of leading scientists (see answer to #16). 1. In two words, what is the topic of this film? 2. Name the four spheres of the Earth. Of these, which one(s) do humans have the most impact on? 3. What causes the greenhouse effect? 4. What causes the annual downturns in carbon dioxide production? 5. What does Lonnie Thompson use to measure past CO2 and O2 levels?

Other than CO2 and O2 levels, what other parameter can he and fellow scientists determine? 6. For tropical glaciers (e. g. , Peru), how far back in time can they go using this technique? 7. How far back in time can they go using this technique in Antarctica? 8. How well do CO2 levels and temperature match over this time? 9. List the ten hottest years on record (make sure you see the Special Feature “Update”). 10. What is the hottest year on record? 11. Other than temperature, what other weather phenomena (there are several) have set records in the last few years? 12.

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Where on Earth is global warming the most pronounced? 13. What causes ocean waters to sink? (name two factors) 14. What caused the Little Ice Age in Europe? 15. Melting of what two large ice masses is of most concern in regard to rising sea levels? 16. How many scientific articles (as opposed to those in the popular press) were surveyed here in regard to global warming? How many of these articles disputed that global warming is indeed occurring? 17. Are we ahead of – or behind – China in regard to vehicle fuel efficiency? 18. Why did Ford, GM and Chrysler undergo a harsh downturn relative to other car makers? 9. Do we currently have the technology to solve the global warming problem? 20. We have made great progress in fixing another major environmental problem – which one was that? 21. What is the correlation between temperature increase and global catastrophes? List four types of catastrophes related to temperature, and discuss the role temperature plays (some obvious of course! ). 22. What are the implications of ocean acidification? 23. Why does reduction in soil moisture content pose an impending disaster for many areas in the world? 24. Global warming causes permafrost to melt.

Why is this important in regard to: a) infrastructure, and b) future CO2 levels? 25. The Bush administration ignored the problem of global warming, e. g. , refused to sign the Kyoto protocol. Further, it went so far as to suppress scientific data, silence scientists and alter scientific documents (drastic “editing” that is almost comical). Why? 26. Who sang the theme song “I Need to Wake Up”? 27. What did this film win an Academy Award for? 28. What are your thoughts regarding the role humans and the burning of carbon-based fuels in global warming? This is an opinion question and will not be graded.

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