Impacts and Implications of Stress Assignment

Impacts and Implications of Stress Assignment Words: 321

There are many impacts and implications of academic stress on the health of an individual in the academic environment as a student. Some of these impacts and implications are time management skills, social life, and being employed. This paper will be examining the role and significance of the perception in the academic environment and how there is an increase of stress and anxiety in college.

Also, I will construct my personal Medicine Wheel to show how can manage my own stress and anxiety being in the Coco optional Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist program (TOT/PTA). The first impact and implication that will be being discussed is time management skills and how it increases stress and anxiety in college. Firstly, transiting from high-school into college brings on a huge amount of stress because it’s completely two different worlds and adjusting is very hard for some.

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This may cause the Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and this is the cost common type of anxiety, it is a “ongoing state of mental and/or physical tension and nervousness, either without a specific cause” (Put Reference). Some of the symptoms are constant restlessness, irritation, trouble concentrating, and fatigue. Another impact and implication is assignments, and this is because coming straight from high-school I had no idea how to prioritize my assignments and all the workload at once.

So this would lead me o mini panic attacks because would feel overwhelmed with assignments and test all coming at once and not wanting to fail. Lastly, studying was an enormous stress factor because had no study habits nor a study group. This made things difficult because also didn’t know how to pick out important information from the slides. All of these implications increased stress and anxiety in the academic environment causing my health to decrease because of the lack of sleep, over eating and mentally drained.

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