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What will your life be like in twenty years? What do you think you will be doing? How will you look? What kind of job will you have? Where will you be living? Will you have a family? What impact do you think you may have on society or your peers if you become highly successful in the career/profession you have chosen? What personal qualities do you think you will bring to the profession/career that will make you stand out from the rest of the people in the same field of work? There are two parts of this assignment. It is important that you do part 1 of this assignment first:

PART 1: – Write 350 words (minimum) describing your future life (in detail). This part of the assignment should be complete (I. E. You should discuss different aspects of your life). Make sure you write in complete sentences. DO NOT WRITE IN POINT FORM. – Remember, you must include information about your future life that speaks about each of the categories from the Circle of Influence You, Family, Friends, Community, Society, Nation, World) part 2: – You must include an illustration to match your write up. You are encouraged to include color and to be creative.

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Keep in mind that the illustration can be an image related to your profession. For example, if you wish to become an actor you can make a movie poster that advertises one of your films, etc…. * Make sure your illustration matches your write up**. REMINDERS: – Your assignment should be typed. – You must include a cover page. Your cover page must include a title, your name, your class and section, the date and your teacher’s name. -Your assignment should be no less than 350 words. – Make sure you double space. – use Times New Roman size 12 and any equivalent.

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