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They tasted so delicious; I saw a difference between free-range farmed eggs and the eggs I used to get from the groceries store. Since then I have loved everything natural, and free range. At my parents’ house almost everything is an organic product. I always wonder why they are so obsessed with organic products. So I did research on what are the best ways to avoid hormones, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. One of the articles said that organic is one of the ways to avoid chemical fertilizers. When I started my English 111 class with Mr.. Sloan, I had to choose a broad topic, so I could write five essays.

I chose organic versus conventional food because it is an interesting topic to learn. Also it can help me to learn new ways to eat better. Anyhow, there is a question that I always asked myself: Is organic healthier than regular food? I found a lot of information about this topic, especially organic versus conventional food having pros and cons. It was very important for me to know the answer because organic food it is more expensive than conventional food. Our first assignment was a narrative paper. In my first draft, I made a lot of mistakes, especially on the content of the narrative (it was an essay not narrative. I was very confused, so my classmates helped me to understand the idea off narrative paper. So, I end up with writing a second draft, and then I changed it to my aunt’s thyroid disease, and what she has been through since she got this disease. I really liked this story because it is something that is going on in my family right now. Every member of my family talks about her situation since she had a miscarriage. Her story starts with her being so athletic, winning three marathons in Lima, Peru, and ends with tragedy because she got pregnant.

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Later, she had a miscarriage cause thyroid disease doesn’t let women have kids in some cases. She was devastated with the news, but even today she has to keep up with her diet and medicine. This topic was very entertaining because it was something that I like to write. I felt very connected writing narratives. I ended up with three drafts in total I was really excited that I was becoming a better writer. I started to like to write papers because I know that I can make informal drafts and fix them as many times as I need to make them formal and presentable.

One my second assignment, a persuasive essay, I had to be as persuasive as possible. I had to leave my opinions out of this essay. It was really hard for me because in high school I took English as a second language, so they were more lenient on SSL student. When my classmates and I read our essays in Mr.. Sloan class, we all found a lot of mistakes. I really felt like I didn’t need to work on it as much, and I felt prepared, but I was wrong. Our essays were not research for two days on organic and conventional food. I printed a lot of information and highlighted the most important parts of my sources.

I found tons of sources but not all of them were food enough, so I choose four sources. In one of the sources about organic and conventional food it mentions; how organic food is healthier for people because it is free of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals. Another source says that organic food will help to reduce conventional farm pollution and to protect future generations. Most of my sources were mentioning the good sides of organic food, but I needed to find some disadvantages. So, I went to the librarian to ask for help to find more information for my annotated bibliography essay.

So, I found out that organic food carries 7% pesticides because of conventional farms close by organic farms that contaminate the soil and air (Deana. ) To find all of this information it took me a lot of time because when we got out essays back from the professor I had an F. I was very disappointed because I wanted to get a higher grade. I worked a lot on my persuasive essay, so I asked for more help at the writing center. Walt wasn’t available because it was too late, but other tutors help me. Once I was done with my persuasive essay I felt like I needed to relax, so I rested for one day.

I went to the pool with friends and ate a lot of food. On the next day, I started my next essay. This essay I found very interesting because I have never written an annotate bibliography. Before I had writing one of these essays took a lot of time вЂ?l wish I hadn’t relaxed the day beforeвЂ? because I wanted to read a lot about organic and non-organic. I found most of my information on OBESE, this website helped me a lot. In the future, if I have to find information to write and essay my first option would be to use these website. The hardest part of this essay for me was to create an introduction and conclusion.

So I started to write the summary and evaluation of my three sources cause I thought that could lead me to have a great introduction. My first article taught me a lot about organic food sales have grown throughout the years. It also mentioned that organic food has more phosphorous and magnesium. I felt that this was something new for me to learn. Furthermore on this article, organic food has insignificant levels of calcium (Coercion). This article was very interesting to read, I highlighted a lot of good points. The second article was a medical study that researched organic food and how it affects people.

When I first starting to read this deiced study, I immediately thought that this was going to be a good source for me to use. There were a lot of words I didn’t know or couldn’t pronounce, so I had to look it up on the Internet (That took a lot of my time. ) Researchers were trying to explain to readers that organic has insignificant higher levels of vitamins and nutrients than conventional food. Also in the study they mention that in some organic products they found: fatty acids in milk and chicken, and more vaccine acid in chicken than non- organic food.

I thought this was very discussing so I wanted to use this informational cause it is something that not everybody knows. This medical study was full of information, and it made me realize that organic food it is not wroth the price that they use in the markets. On my third article I struggled a little because I was getting to the end of writing my essay. I stop typing for a while. I like to take several breaks because I’m a person that gets distracted very easily. I think my third article doesn’t have a lot of information for me to know, but this article mentioned percentages of to eat organic food because of its levels of nutrients.

This article was more focused n organic food helping the atmosphere, since it is free of pesticides. They argued that conventional farmers use about 10 million pounds of pesticides to produce corn . Although all my articles agrees on organic products more than conventional because of all the positive things they mention about organic food such ass having more magnesium and iron in some fruit and vegetables. I was very happy when I got my results back from the teacher. He gave me a C but I knew that I can fix my essay before portfolio due date. This annotated bibliography essay was like another challenge in my life.

Subsequently with my essays I had to keep asking for tutoring at the writing center because I felt like I wasn’t being a good writer. Mr.. Walt helped me a lot with all my essays. I appreciate everything Mr.. Walt did. I never had anybody so understanding and clear with his teaching. Learning to correct my essays now seems much easier to me thanks to this class and Mr.. Walt. I learned to proofread better before turning in my essays. In all the essays I wrote for English 11 1, I proofread with the help of my boyfriend вЂ?ChrisвЂ? to correct some mistakes that he can pick up, and my neighbor helped me to print my papers.

Printing my drafts became very helpful to me because I can correct my own mistakes and I can read better. Writing essays it is really tough for me because English is my second language, so it is really hard for me to come up with formal sentences. I always tend to add the word “it” (a lot), so Chris helps me to take out those words. After, I proofread with Chris a first time, I ask Walt to help me to proofread a second time. In conclusion, I’m still writing the I search paper, another essay I never wrote before. I like to learn new things, but I feel like in 5 weeks I learned so much too fast.

It was almost like a long dream through a tired night. Now that we are almost done with this class I feel less stress. I will feel proud of myself if I pass this class because I never put so much effort in 5 weeks and especially in an English class. Also I never thought I learned so much about organic food. I learned that organic food it is insignificantly healthier than conventional food. Organic fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that prevent cancer (Coercion). Also that conventional product has 33 percent, and organic food has 7 percent of pesticides.

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