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MANS COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY COLLEGE) FACULTY OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT STUDENT ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Module Name and Level Human Resource Management-Level-2 Module Code BCC 5-2 Assessment No. One Assessment Type & weighting: Individual (weighting: 40%) STUDENT MIMIC NUMBER: Please note that a grade will only be given to those whose student number is noted on this form. Please ensure that the student numbers from all group members are recorded accurately. 2013239- Shasta Rammers Isolation Submission Date: 26th November 2014 MODULE TUTOR: Dry.

Nirvana Gunship DECLARATION The work contained in this assignment is my own and that all materials and resources used have been acknowledged. L/We have not copied or colluded in part or in whole, or otherwise plagiarisms the work of other students. This assignment has not been submitted for previous assessment in any other subject or to a substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other unit, module, degree or diploma of a university or any other institute, except where due acknowledgement is made in the text.

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I/We confirm that l/ we have read, understood and followed the guidelines for assignment submission and presentation provided by the lecturer. Introduction Human Resource Management is a process of managing employees in the organization, as it impacts who is employed, how they are prepared, assessed and what Steps are taken to retain them. Human resource management forecasts employee’s attitudes, work performance and conducts. L In other words, if an organization needs great individual, it must practice great Human Resource Management.

It is defined as managing people in different kind of organization, and handling the resources given to them. A Strategic and very deep approach to the management of an organization is an asset in today world. The people working individually and collectively contribute to the achievements of the goals. According to Storey (1989), he said that HARM is a set of interrelated polices with a idea and philosophical underpinning. There are 4 meaningful versions of HARM: A particular understanding of the beliefs and goals. Taking a step forward in managing people.

There should be enrollment by the central manager. The company should set a good relationship with the coworkers. POLICY GOALS OF HARM The models of HARM, the aims set out above and other definitions of HARM have been According to Caldwell (2004) into 12 policy goals: 1 . Managing the emotions of people is an advantage of the organization. 2. There should be a connection with business policies and corporate strategy. 3. The HER policies, procedures should be regularly discussed in time. 4. The organization should be ready for a fast track change of goals and meet the requirements. . The team should be motivated by the HER department, the team shall cooperate amongst themselves. 6. The customer should be impressed by the organization. 7. Empowering employees to manage their own self-development and learning. Definitions Staffing This is a process were it begins the process of hiring and recruiting right people for the right job. And even the salary package the company is offering to the hired person. Staffing has 4 major roles; Improving the Staffing Plan- In this plan the staff should see how many people to hire, on the salary package offered.

Recruitment- Finding the right person for the job. Selection- In this part the higher authorities decide whom to select for the recruited job. Job analysis- In this process they see or analyze the skill of the person, his duty towards the assigned job, his knowledge applied for the job. The organization should plan, when to select the right people for the right time. Training and Development The training and development criteria of any company is based on the skills and knowledge required for jobs in each department in the company.

Job description information which can show beneficial training and development needs to the candidate so that they are trained as per the criteria. Recruiting In this process the organization hires a skilled worker, and once they are selected the organization offers him the job, but he denies for some reason. The next candidate is offered the job, and again selections takes place the candidate accepts the offered job, and then they negotiates salary. Performance Appraisal It’s a process were the employee get appraisal from the manager on a monthly basis.

The performance appraisal process is: Job Analysis Development standard and measurement standards and measurement methods. Informal – coaching and discipline. Prepare a conduct for a formal PA Second major reason for performance appraisal is making decisions about employees in the organization. The firm needs to make decisions on the interactions made between the employees in the firm. The interaction made by the employees, are very critical and organizational. The final step is Motivation, the employees need a push and motivation for achieving the goals set by the organization. Performance appraisal is evaluation of productivity and performance of an individual employee towards the objectives of the firm as according to pre-determined standards. Other than productivity, performance also includes evaluation of the employees conduct, attitude, behavior and relation with his colleagues. Memory (2003) said, “Performance appraisal is where the performance of employees are rated by the human resource department of a company to determine the net worth of he employee to the organization”.

According to Grotto and Dick (2002): It is a formal management system which evaluates the individual’s quality of performance in the organization Human Resource Development In this the HARM capacity does not just prepare and create, the powers even do the transporter arranging and improvement exercises, authoritative advancement, and execution evaluation. Preparing is for learners who have the learning of the employment needed to be carried out at a given time. Improvement assumes essential part in enhancing the objectives of the occupation, for a long run.

Hierarchical advancement in this framework the power attempt to change the corporate society, mostly the behavioral of the laborers. There are ODD routines which enhance the company’s execution. Professional development The professional Development is actually a part of HER function. But training are centered on the organization processes and procedures, professional development is about providing employee with opportunities for growth. Many HER department give offer professional development training to the employee, so they get trained for the next level of work.

If the candidate feels eke they a part of the team, this will motivate them to do fine work. Benefits and Compensation Now in this era of work and fast moving pace of people, has made the HER adapt a new way in providing the employee flexible working hours, sick leave, family issues leave and many more. Involving benefits and Compensation in a workforce environment is an important function in HER, because it wants sensitivity to the wants and needs for the employees Literature Review “According to (Wood, Holman and Stride, 2006) HARM is a well-organized to achieve their goals.

The activities are prepared by the HER manager once the alls are set they are implemented in the organization. ” “According to (Wilkinson and Holder in 2001), the HARM rarely differentiates between HARM and HRS (Human Resource Strategy), the manager of the department will implement day to day polices for long term perspective. HARM plays an important role in making a creative organization in a fast moving world of technology’. “According to Invade (2008) International business review his study concluded that HARM polices are used to increase competition which the firms specific and creation of organizational knowledge, which can be linked to sustainable competitive goals”. “According to Godmother and Northward (2010) the institutional context is relevant in practices of HARM. HARM framework is essentially required to manage the organization. The HER functions are all functions and process involved with the management and development (contractual and legal) of people in an organization, and hiring the right people at the right time.

HARM is one of the important part of business organization. Due to HARM it becomes easy for the company to achieve their required targets. Getting a required talent is a key success for HER department. Although recruitment and selecting of the talented employees are very essential in global organization. If there is a guide for the employees which could train them for the requirement process in a global organization. This puts more rigorous and precision in decision making process. Employee Relations The stage in our plan of HARM operation is worker connection capacity. Representative connection (ERE) has a few significant obligation.

Then again we go further, we might examine between worker connection and work connection. Yet work relations includes managing workers guilds History on Times of Oman The vision Of Times Of Oman is “TO be a reputed multimedia house in the ICC river by Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Professionalism, Innovation, Trust to add value and created awareness amongst people in a challenging motivational nevi ornament. ” Muscat Media Group (SAC), initially known as Muscat Press & Publishing House (SAC) started in 1974 & has grown to be the single largest and the only integrated Publishing Group in the country..

Example (Times of Oman) / Discussion General: 1) Please provide a brief description of function of each role in your HER department? Alternatively, you can provide any internal document that describes the roles and responsibilities of each position. ) HER ASSOCIATE To assist the HER advisor in carrying out all HER initiatives like job description, recruitment, employee engagement, performance appraisal. Filing of all correspondence. The employee shall follow-up on report and information required by the HER advisor. The employee should Coordinate all the major and minor issues with managers and staff for various HER related issues.

The employee should maintain confidentiality of the goals required by the HER advisor. The employee should make sure that the job related communication from the HER manager is conveyed to the people across the work table. The associate should maintain all the appointments/ meeting/ interviews made during the working hour. ADMIT ASSISTANT The assistant should prepare documents related to Clearance form Manpower. Submitting Online visa form. Compiling all documents like medical, C.V., to process visa and handling it to the PRO. Type correspondence concerning visa, passport ministries or any other authority.

Type internal memos or any other company document. Keep a file with personal documents. Last step is to keep passport in safe custody. Submission of Monthly report by 15th to the Advisor HER as per the format. ) What are the day to day activities that your department handles? Recruitment- In Times Of Oman there are so many young Mommas asking to get the job with their C.V. ready, but few jobs in this are only given to experienced candidate such as have previously worked in Newsletter company, and have joined TO for a good raise in salary.

Processing leave application, Salary Transfer letter, Managing Approval System, and Employee Relations. 3) What are the 3 major challenges that your department faces? Minimization- Times of Oman is now recruiting only Mommas in HER department because after the rule was introduced by the ministry of manpower. The expatriates who are more educated than the Main’s, so the experience in HER department is lacking in most of the company in Oman. Getting the visa clearance for the employees on time. Retaining Oman Talent. Recruitment: 4) What are the 3 main qualities that you look in an individual before you recruit them into your Department?

The main quality in an individual that Times Of Oman is the level of his work in the current company. Stability in previous companies. His attitude towards the task given by the HER manager. 5) What are the standard recruitment steps? The standard recruitment step is Recruitment, fist the candidate is recruited and on basis of his application form he is interviewed. If the HER manager likes his way of answering and the way he is presenting himself, then his C.V. and application is approved by the HER advisor, once he sign then it goes for approval to the HOOD(Head Of Department) .

Then he is given 7 days with a job letter Offer, if he rejects then the next candidate will be interviewed and they will approve him, and then the selection process takes place. 6) What are the common method of recruiting talent for various roles within our organization (outside of HER dept. )? Identifying who should be recruited. Reaching targeted individual. Planning an Organizational site visit. Evaluating past equipment efforts. Managing the recruitment efforts. Selection process: 7) How would you describe the selection process and how long does it usually take for the final selection to be made?

In Times of Oman has 2 steps; Final Selection- The candidate takes 1 month/ 15 days to join the new company. Hiring process вЂ? 1 month/ before resign inning process. The candidate needs to resign from the current job in order to join the new company. New hire programs: 8) What are the first few steps the Company takes once a new employee joins the company? I. E. Does the new employee go through orientation, training and development? Induction- It the employee’s first step, to know the company aim. Inductions means introducing the job goals to new employees.

Orientation- In this the employee are taught the job specification, he will learn how to manage the tasks given by the HER manager, the HER manager has to communicate the main tasks by giving out emails, by this way the employer can start working. Training- It is a process in acquiring knowledge, sharpening f skills, changing of attitude while doing the job. Training is the most important part in HER rule book. Training is an art which leads to skilled provisional thinking. Development- In this process of modifying behavior though experience. 9) How does Times of Oman manage Job Analysis work?

According to Manpower Budget the Times of Oman Job Analysis; the job analysis depends upon What? How? Why? The employee does. Induction Recruiting Salary Monthly Pay Roll Employer Relation. Performance Management. Job Design Job description and Specification. Types of job Analysis are; Task Based- According to the task the work is identified by the higher ups. Competencies- Individual Capability that can be linked to the competencies and enhanced performance by any individual Training: 10) How often do you train your employees? Times of Oman trains the employee’s Monthly training and Quarterly training.

Every new employee need Analytical training which will train him doing work in technical manner. After they are completely trained there is a yearly test conducted by the HER department to see how much progression is made in the employee and how the organization is getting the benefits. 1 ) What kind of training programs do you offer? Are they generally internal training or do you bring third party to train your employees? Times of Oman offers both mixed training and external training. Train staff member, volunteer, contracts and any other people who interact with the third party (the outsider). 2) Do you offer specialized training to your employees by level? Times Of Oman offers specialized training by level. Times Of Oman train their employee, with those kind of people who are disabled cannot work, in the organization, but definitely give their feedback n few issue, in how to manage the organization with different skilled employees. As the employee progress in the company he is promoted to different working skills. Performance Appraisal: 13) How often do you have performance appraisal or evaluations of employees? The Company gives a Performance Appraisal, on the basis of how the employee does his job on a yearly basis.

The Objectives of the newspaper are set in the beginning of the year. These Objectives are to be discussed with the employees, as soon as it is out in the log. After the work is completed by the employee, it is appraised by the Head of Department (HOOD), and asks the HER advisor if his work is up to the expectations, and are meeting the criteria of the work. Then the same goes to approval to the Board of directors and then he gets appraised by the committee and then he gets promoted to the next level. All benefits are, increment, bonus, salary and promotions based on Performance and market condition.

According to the labor law in Oman, the employee has to work in accordance with the instruction and supervision of the Head Department. And also he cannot discuss his company goals or any confidential information about the work strategy. 14) Who is responsible for holding these appraisals or evaluations? HER managers is held responsible for these appraisals and evaluation held in the Organization. The HER manager is responsible for leading the discussion, the employees is the person who needs to make the atmosphere relaxed for the discussion.

The HER manager is responsible for making the questionnaire and lead the discussion for the evaluation process. 1 5) Why do you think performance appraisal process is important? Does it benefit employees and company both? Performance appraisal is important because it helps benefits improving the candidate work, to recognize their efforts made during the task assigned to each employee. Performance appraisal also helps organization to achieve goals ahead of time. Communication: 16) How do you communicate information like holidays, working hours, statutory deductions etc. O employees? The Times of Oman communicates information by company email. Sometimes by TV notices. Career Planning: 17) Do you have a formal or informal career planning program for employees to grow in their jobs and progress in their career? Informal training is basic form of learning. Informal learning is for experienced trainees. Formal training is basically for new learners, who will learn how to use technology in arioso area of work. Times of Oman has both forms of training Informal and Formal, on this basis the employee benefits from learning new knowledge from the seniors.

By having do their career planning it helps they move on to the next level. Compensation: 18) What do you think is the importance of offering a sound compensation to employees? In the US the changes, on comprehensive compensation have been followed by the HER manager in different banks, the pay will be different for many years. The benchmark salary should be equal in all regions. The HER manages will not be satisfied. Benefits: 9) What kind of benefits do you offer your employees? Times of Oman offers the seniors a company vehicle, club facilities, hotel facilities, free medical checkup.

Cashless Health Care facilities, employee medical insurance is cashless statement. Labor Relations: QUO) DO you have trade unions or labor groups who join together and help workers voice their concerns about wages, benefits, working conditions, etc.? Times of does not have trade Unions. QUO) What are your primary responsibilities with regard to labor relations? For example – Does the company get involved in wage negotiations, resolving spites and improving working conditions? Internal committee is there. In this the employee can go and resolve any issues related to work, personal issues.

If the employee has more difficulty in handling issues, he can directly go to Ministry of Manpower. The work should be properly distributed amongst the employees. Recommendations As per Times of Oman, they need not follow strict rules for Minimization. They should keep the experienced expatriate employee, so that the Mommas can get the benefit working with them, and gaining the knowledge from them. As they have quarterly performance appraisal, they should have monthly reference appraisal, so that the HER department can evaluate the new employee on a monthly basis.

Times of Oman should give the rules and regulation hand book to each employee, so that they can follow the company vision, which is Quality work, Customers Satisfaction while reading the articles in the newspaper. Professionalism of the employee during working hours, Innovation bringing nevus talented skilled employee into the work world. Conclusion An HER is important in company functions, because HER manager is responsible for all the appraisals and evaluation held in the organization. The big reason HER in a company is important to its survival and success.

The HER is also important depending on what level we are thinking at a Manager perspective, or an employee perspective. However a good manager are cruel to an effective organization like Times of Oman. Important criteria of the HER department is also to train not only employee but also train managers to do the best job. With the above given example of Times of Oman it’s clearly stated that HER managers are important to be professionally skilled and responsible for the whole company to complete their HARM goals on the time allotted.

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