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The following documentation will help all Human Resource (HR) professionals in their search to hire and put together the perfect Data Entry team for their company. In any business, one of the most important things to consider is the staff that is hired. There is always the trickle-down effect and each person on that “umbrella” is just as important in the day to day operation as the person above or below them. Anyone in HR will agree that each member of their team has a vital role in how the company is run and without them, it would not be complete. Review the following information: Executive Summary

The materials included in the documentation enclosed are a vital part of the hiring process when considering a Data Entry department. In it there are steps in how to search for the right Data Entry team, training, job responsibilities, salary and benefits, expectations, job description, how to find the right team and even the interviewing process. Because developing a new department or adding to an existing department can be so time consuming and possibly very expensive, following the guidelines below will be a huge help to the involved HR staff and will keep the hiring process organized.

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This will help HR keep track of what areas need to be covered and how much has already been done. Presentation on job analysis *Please see attached Power point Slide Show* Recruiting Methods There are two different ways for employers to hire new help for their companies; internal and external. Within these two methods are other methods, but among these the following are most popular: (Recruitment Methods) Internal Recruiting is when people that already work for the company are hired for another position, such as the position of Data Entry Clerk. There are benefits to hiring internally and also disadvantages.

Advantages are: •Cheaper and quicker recruit •People already familiar with the business and how it operates •Provides opportunities for promotion with in the business – can be motivating •Business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates Disadvantages include: •Limits the number of potential applicants •No new ideas can be introduced from outside the business •May cause resentment amongst candidates not appointed •Creates another vacancy which needs to be filled External Recruiting comes from hiring outside the company, either by using an employment agency, newspaper ad or advertisement on the internet.

There are also advantages and disadvantages to these hiring methods. Advantages are: •Outside people bring in new ideas •Larger pool of workers from which to find the best candidate •People have a wider range of experience Disadvantages are: •Longer process •More expensive process due to advertisements and interviews required •Selection process may not be effective enough to reveal the best candidate Interview Questions When searching for the right employees, it is normal to conduct an interview. Some companies will conduct a phone interview first and then depending on the answers, a face to face interview may be requested.

Knowing the right questions to ask the candidates is important, as well as remembering not to ask any questions that are considered illegal. The following questions are considered good interview questions and are general to most companies. (Workforce Central Florida, 2007) •Tell me about your recent work experience(s). •Why did you leave your previous place of employment? •Why are there gaps in your employment history? •What strengths and weaknesses would you bring to this position? •What is your understanding of this position and what skills do you bring to the position? What types of job responsibilities do you find to be most rewarding? Why? •What types of job responsibilities do you find to be most frustrating? Why? •Tell me about your computer skills and what type of software you are experienced with. •What type of management style do you prefer (hands-on, frequent supervision, minimal supervision, etc. ) and why? Employers should also consider asking the following behavioral questions: (Workforce Central Florida, 2007) •If you were given a handwritten list of 50 names and addresses, along with a letter that needed to be sent to each, how would you complete the task?

Explain, in detail, using a mail merge function in word processing software. •Describe a situation when you had to take directions from several people at the same time. •Describe a time when you had to sacrifice quality for a deadline, or vice versa. How did you react to this? •Describe a tough problem that you have dealt with, tell me how you approached it and the outcome. •Tell me about a specific occasion when you conformed to a policy even though you did not agree with it. •Tell me about a time when your manager was unavailable and you had to solve an immediate problem. What did you do and what was the outcome? Tell me about a project you have been responsible for and how you organized the necessary paperwork, tasks, goals, etc. •Have you ever intervened on behalf of an employee who was not being treated fairly? Tell me about it. •Describe for me two improvements you have made in your job in the past six months. •When you delegate assignments to others, how do you keep track of their progress? •Tell me about a decision you made that your supervisor disagreed with. How did you handle it? •What do you feel would be the most common errors made in a position such as this? •Tell me about a time when you were late or absent to work.

How did you communicate that to your supervisor? •How do you deal with difficult or demanding managers/co-workers/customers? Describe a situation. •Tell me about a time when a supervisor asked you to complete a task that you thought was not necessary, or could have been done another way. What steps did you take to achieve the task? •Tell me about a time when you felt you had to break a company rule in order to get something done. When closing the interview, there should be a few more questions asked: (Workforce Central Florida, 2007) •What aspect of your past employments did you enjoy the most? •Why hould I hire you? •Do you have any questions for me? The following are questions that are considered illegal to ask any candidate in an interview: •Age •Race, ethnicity or color •Gender or sex •Country of national origin or birth place •Religion •Disability •Marital or family status or pregnancy •What arrangements are you able to make for child care while you work? •How old are your children? •When did you graduate from high school? •Are you a U. S. citizen? Benefits Comprising a good compensation and benefits list is very important when hiring, but also when planning a budget for the company.

The following information can be very useful and used as a guide: Data Entry employees who are hired at this company will receive a very generous salary and benefits package. Starting salary will range from $25,000 to $28,000 depending on experience. Each year on the anniversary of being hired, there will be an increase of 5%, depending on the outcome of the employee’s annual review. Less favorable reviews will receive a smaller increase of 3%. Incentive packages will include: For individual employees, there is Bonus Pay.

Bonus pay is a monetary reward given to the employee or employees normally at the end of the year and is above and beyond their regular salary. This is not added to their base pay and they can still expect to receive their regular salary. Another incentive plan for an individual is Merit Pay. This is based on employee performance and how well they do their job. Typically the amount the employee gets should be fairly significant, such as 7 to 9 percent increase over their salary in order for the employee to continue working up to the standards they have been working to up to that point.

Only the higher performing employees are entitled to this pay and one’s who are not performing up to par will not receive it. Benefits package: •Company paid health benefits after a period of 90 days employment, which includes medical, dental, vision and prescriptions. •Paid time off (sick and personal days) which will be accrued at a rate of 1 day off per each 60 days of employment. These days may be carried over to the following calendar year if not used. •Vacation time will be as follows: o1 week (5 work days) given after the first 6 months employment. oAn additional week will be given after the second 6 months employment. After a term of 2 years, a third week will be given. oAfter 5 years a fourth week will be given. These paid days may be carried over to the following calendar year if not used. •Paid holidays will include New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Additional paid days off can include Christmas Eve, day after Thanksgiving, Good Friday and New Years Eve at management’s discretion. When a holiday such as Independence Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the preceding Friday or following Monday may be given off at management’s discretion.

Non-Christian religious holidays such as Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays may be taken by Jewish employees with pay. •401-K savings plan may be obtained by each employee after 1 year of employment, with company paid match of 5% of employee contribution. •Long/short term disability •Company paid life insurance effective immediately upon hiring for both the employee and their family. Script for orienting new employees We, in HR, feel that it is important to address some sensitive issues during your early employment with our company.

It is important that you know your rights and responsibilities as an employee and we’d like to explain to you what the laws are. Privacy – As an employee, any information obtained from you by HR will remain in the strictest of confidence. This includes conversations you have, family issues, health issues, etc. You also have the right to speak in private to any member of management and they will keep your conversations private. This firm does not condone the revealing of any information from one employee to another and if that rule is not followed, immediate termination will result.

Sexual Harassment – “Sexual harassment at work occurs whenever unwelcome conduct on the basis of gender affects a person’s job, It is defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:” (Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet) •Submission to the conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment, or •Submission to or rejection of the conduct by an individual is used as a ,basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or •The conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Immigration – Every person that is employed by this firm must be a legal U. S. resident and proof of residency shall be required. If it is found that a new employee is not in fact a legal U. S. resident, he or she will be fired immediately.

Age Discrimination – It is illegal to discriminate against an employee because of his or her age. Anyone employed who will not hire a person based on his or her age will be given a stern warning and written up. If they do it again, they will be terminated. (Avoid Age Discrimination in the Workplace) Training proposal When a new employee is hired into the Data Entry field, they should go through different types of training to ensure they will be up to speed with both the company’s software, but also with the job itself. During the first month of employment, the employee will spend no less than two (2) weeks training with a member of management team in that department.

During that time they will be taught the computer software that the company is using and get used to the fields and the way the software is utilized. The new hire will also spend some time relieving the receptionist of his or her duties during breaks and lunch. The said employee will learn the switchboard and screen all incoming calls, and direct calls to the appropriate persons. They will assist with sorting mail and other reception duties as needed. This person will also assist with proofreading any documents that will leave the building, but will also proofread anything that is entered into the system to ensure accuracy. They will make corrections as needed.

After a period of one year, the data entry team will take a refresher course and learn any and all new techniques used for the software being used. They will be tested on their knowledge and train new hires on the software. By the time the employees reach their first full year of employment with the company, they should have a full working knowledge of how the company works and be able to help anywhere needed when there is “downtime”. When the opportunity arises for advancement within the department, there will be a test given to any interested parties. The test will consist of data entry skills, accuracy, speed, etc. The most qualified person or persons will be advanced to the next position.

They will then take on further responsibilities as needed including training and supervising. In order for anyone to make it to Senior Data Entry Manager, they will need to learn all phases of the data entry department and learn how to research information needed for the company. They must also learn how to properly proofread all materials, and learn how to supervise the department. There may be a long wait for this position as only one person can hold the position at a time, until they are advanced to other job opportunities within the company or decide later to leave. The best way for anyone to learn the job is hands-on training. Management can help teach, as well as veterans of the department who know the job well.

There is normally no certification needed but testing throughout a person’s career is recommended to be sure they understand the position and can do it with minimal to no help. There may come a time that classes will be held to teach employees anything in the data base that is being updated and to also teach new techniques, but basically employees will learn hands-on and from other employees. It is with great confidence that these tools are written and submitted to be a great source of help to any company with a large and growing data entry team. References Workforce Central Florida (no author, 2007) retrieved on May 16, 2008 from http://www. workforcecentralflorida. com/employers/interviewing_questions. sp Recruitment Methods (No author, date) retrieved on May 16, 2008 from http://tutor2u. net/business/gcse/people_recruitment_methods. htm Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet (No author, date) retrieved on May 17, 2008 from http://www. dotcr. ost. dot. gov/Documents/complaint/Preventing_Sexual_Harassment. htm (Carafano, J. J. , Ph. D. , 20 June, 2007) Immigration Amendments Undermine REAL ID and Workplace Enforcement retrieved on May 17, 2008 from http://www. heritage. org/research/immigration/wm1516. cfm Avoid Age Discrimination in the Workplace (No author, date) retrieved on May 17, 2008 from http://www. allbusiness. com/human-resources/workplace-health-safety-employment/11441-1. html

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